Chapter 2

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          I don't know what to think like I feel really bad about breaking the promise with Camila but I have to keep up with my reputation. I am the most rich female in this school. Camila is the second but see she doesn't fit in with this type of crowd.

She is too sweet we needed a bad girl she has everything else but the attitude. that's why she is not here I'm too good for her. she is not even close to my scale. not high enough for the Ally Brooke to hang out with.


                         ♡ Skip to the end of the day !!!!✌



                        Im on my way to my locker to get my keys

   when i get this feeling that something is wrong the first person I call is Lauren. Why I really don't know. She didn't answer and Lauren always answer especially if its me . I got in my car and raced like a jet all the way to her.

Finally here like damn they really had to pull me over I was just 5 over the actual speed limit. I quickly unlocked the door and ran to her room to find a Lauren I haven't seen in a long time. The Lauren that....….………



                 DINAH POV


               I don't know why but I wanted to talk to normani so bad

        and tell her how I feel but how?! what would she think? I'm so scared and I don't know whether I should tell her or not.

    Normani has after school choir with me but she and Camila are always in the back but this time we were setting up groups of two and surprisingly I got partnered with NORMANI!!! Omg when Mrs. Marshall said, " Dinah you would be partnered with miss Normani over here."

I had to stop myself from jumping out of my seat but I

noticed that I wasn't the only happy maniac in this class, Normani was grinning like a clown.


       But why was she so happy?


why was she grinning like me?

WAIT........ Did she LIKE me?


When Mrs. Marshall said that Dinah was my partner

I was so happy I noticed I wasn't the only one cause Dinah almost fell out her seat.

   I only had one thing on my mind was what she would be like in bed. I know , I know I'm stupid why would she want someone like me.

   No hard feelings I hear it all the time but if other wise thanks. I don't just want her undressed I want her in general, I mean we may not get along but I will make us get along in the beginning when she first came to this school my parents invited them for dinner.

She didn't want to come cause I was there but she actually came we talked and she told me that she was a lesbian and she expected me to be like Wtf but I wasn't. I swore to never tell anyone I nearly forgot until now. she said that she doesn't do relationships and that she has been broken too many times.

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