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Cars were lined up down the street. Each and every one were the same black, classic styled cars that each person had been sent to pick them up from the airport. The street that they were all lined up on was void of any houses or signs of civilisation, the only buildings in the area were protected by the giant fences that the cars were lined up next to. The remote road was surrounded by thick forestry and mountains, they were in the heart of Montana after all.

Nate King sat in the car a few back from where people were being let in. The large gates were open, but each car was stopped by two men wearing black. The men looked like they had come straight out of a James Bond movie, carrying clipboards and wearing dark shades.

Nate had been through this process three times already, so he wasn't fazed when they finally arrived at the gates and the men asked for his name.

'Nate King.' He spoke his name like a title. The two men quickly nodded and they were let through. The nondescript driver drove them up the large, winding driveway and Nate rolled down his window.

This place hasn't changed one bit, Nate thought to himself.

The grounds featured four different buildings, each one looked like they had been plucked from an old age university. They were giant, with huge windows and sculptures around them, and Nate had always felt like he had gone back in time when he came here. The four buildings each had a purpose, the first one was accommodation. That building could hold over two hundred people, although it was rare that more than eighty people attended each year.

The next one was academics, where the classrooms and library were. The next one was for combat training and despite its look, it held modern gyms and training rooms specifically designed for this type of training. The fourth and final building, known as the main building, was administration, the staff quarters and the grand hall where most of the meetings took place. Each building separated by gardens and pathways.

The car stopped slowly in front of the main building, and Nate stepped from the car, his heavy bag slung over the back of his shoulders. As soon as he stepped out the car started again and the next one pulled up where it had been.

The crisp Montana air hit him and he shivered slightly in his light jacket, even though it was summer the air seemed to still be cool. He was used to it, being from Washington himself, and he pulled his jacket tighter around him before following the stream of people who were heading into the main building.

He looked up as he walked in to see a brightly coloured sign. Welcome to Camp Alpha! It read in overly enthusiastic font. Nate huffed under his breath, hoping that these next five weeks would pass fast. He had mastered all of these skills over the years and he felt like this last camp would be pointless, but his father had insisted that he attend the camp.

A man in his early twenties was standing just past the threshold. 'May I take your bag?' the man asked.

Nate nodded, shrugging his bag off his back and handing it to the man.

'Your name?' the man asked him.

'Nate, Nate King,' Nate told him casually, but the man stiffened slightly anyway.

'Mr King,' the man greeted him with great respect in his tone, 'your suitcase and this bag will be waiting in your room after lunch.'

'Thank-you.' Nate smiled and kept walking.

All of the students were walking to the grand hall. Each of the people around him differed in ages from fifteen to seventeen, and most of them were guys. Each of them had this sense of power and superiority around them. Nate wasn't surprised by the smell that filled his nostrils, the smell of not only other werewolves, but the smell of Alphas. It was stronger than the other werewolf scents, and he had to take a few breaths to keep his senses from overloading.

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