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itsleahere well here it is

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itsleahere well here it is. my first instagram post. wishing that all the good vibes in the world fly your way, emma. today you graduated but you're still and always will be a huge inspiration to me. being the youngest in our little "group" i look up to you a lot. thank you for helping me through college for these past couple of years (2 more to go for me hehe). i tried to find a cute picture of you to post but then i remembered last New Year's Eve. i secretly snapped this pic. i had never seen you that happy. i wish the same happens today. i love you, leah.

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user01 wow

user02 leah just made IG so much better

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sarahcoops AHHHHGGGG

emsjones I'm literally crying. You're an angel in my life, my sunflower 🌻💛

leswinters @chacecrawford I want a pic like that too lol

leswinters 😂❤️❤️


user04 it's just their shadow, chill dude @user03 

robertdowneyjr I made stones. Give me credits @imsebastianstan you have her because of me!! And here's an official welcome to @itsleahere you should post your art pieces ;)

imsebastianstan @robertdowneyjr HA! I have a new lockscreen now too, thanks Leah! 😎

itsleahere that's a great idea, @robertdowneyjr !! and i have more where that came from 😈@imsebastianstan 

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