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Tord's P.O.V

I turn around to see a guy with a black T-Shirt with a unzipped blue sweater,he wore some cargo shorts and had wrists covered in bracelets,'Sorry Sorry I-''What the hell is that accent?'He snarled,'Tom leave him alone'Edd snarled,'What do you want Idiot!'He snarled back,'To leave him alone,hes new here give him a break!'Edd growled,'Is that so~'He smirked leaning on the door frame,'So short stock where you from?'He smirked,'Norway'I said nervously,'Norway huh?Why is your hair sticking up like two horns?'He asked pulling at some of my hair,'Ow'I said in pain,'Aw Im sorry does that hurt you Short Stock?'He smirked,'Yes it is','Psh Learn how to speak English'He laughed as he smacked the back of my head as he walked away.

'Thats Tom...Hes like the Regina George...The Heather Chandler...The Thomas Jefferson,he praticaly owns the damn place,no one dares to say no to him'Edd said crossing his arms,'Hes mean'Matt snarled,'Cmon lets pay no attention to him,Il show you to your locker'Edd smiled walking down the hall,'As inconvienient as it is the only locker available is the one beside Tom'Edd said nervously,'You serious!He no nice!'I whined,'Im sorry but its the only one,your schedual is in your locker and I-'Cmon we need to get to Gym Class!'Matt said running away towards what I can assume is a locker room.

'Oh why hello again~'A voice smirked,turning around I see Tom going threw his locker,I roll my eyes and go into my locker to reveal my schedual-'Hey I was wondering...Do you need some sort of equipement for when you run?','Why?'I asked,'You know,something to hold up your fat ass when you run'Tom snickered,'Haha Hilarious!'I snarled,I threw afew books in until I felt something on my shoulder,I look over to see it was Tom's elbow...Yes thats how short I am.

'So why are you so short?Medical condition?Dark Past?Spill it'He smirked,'I born like this'I sigh,'Cute'He smirked as he got back up and walked away,before leaving me he gave me a smack behind the head,I threw my bag in my locker and made my way towards the locker rooms since we have gym this morning...Yay...

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