Chapter 18

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-The Upsidedown part I-

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-The Upsidedown part I-

Pine woke with a start. She was standing in the same hallway she'd remembered dying in. At least, she thought she'd died. This hallway, however, wasn't in that strange place. This was Hawkins. She'd finally made it! Where was Will? She looked around, he was nowhere to be seen.

"Will?" She called out "Will?"

Suddenly she felt something squeeze up inside her causing her to fall down onto the floor in a ball and went into a coughing fit. Unable to move, she lied in the hall moaning.

"PINE!" She heard someone shout but, her eyes were scrunched up too tight to see the source "PINE!" The person called again.

She felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Pine, its Lucas. Can you hear me?"

"L-Lucas?" Pine barley choked out

"Yeah. It's me."

He helped her sit up.

"Lucas, I don't think I'm actually here. Does that make any sense?" Pine said

"Not really."

"I think I'm still in that- that place."

"The upsidedown?"

"Is that what you call it?"


"Will and I... it got us."

"I know. But, then how are you here?"

"I don't know. Something happened. I still feel it. It's like I'm really there but an illusion to here."

"Like astral projection?"

"Yes! Exactly like astral projection!"

"So, you have superpowers? Awesome!"

"I'll explain later. I need to g-get back to Will."

Pine started getting dizzy and couldn't breathe well. Lucas immediately sensed this and looked around panicked for help.

"Uh, I'll be back soon!" he said and ran for help, only, he didn't come back for a while.

Pine started getting worried when she saw people from the lab approaching. Luckily they hadn't seen her yet. She figured something was going down but, what?

Suddenly all the lab people started to bleed out of their eyes and ears and dropped dead.


Pine found the strength to get up and picked up one of the bad mens guns.

Pine felt the gun unfit for her hand to hold. It was cold and heavy, hard and powerful. It was frightening to hold so much power, so much destruction. She could't help but think back to the last time she'd held a gun. She ran down the halls until she'd found the source of the situation. Eleven was laying unconscious on the floor, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas were being held off. Brenner was by her side.

She was afraid of the man. He'd killed her parents. She felt she had to stop him, however, she had no clue what she'd do when she confronted him. All she knew was she felt stronger with that much power in her grasp. It was almost reassuring. Slowly Pine crept through a dimly lit hallway. Full of bloody bodies that littered the floors. The gun was held out in front of her, leading the way.

"Eleven!" She screamed, regretting making the noise right as she did it.

Her insides tightened again.

"Fourteen." Brenner cooed

"No." Pine growled

"Pine!" Dustin called out in shock.

"Fourteen. You're sick. You and Eleven are sick. I can make you better. We can be a family."

Was this his intention all along? Let her go so she'd come crawling back to him?

"I will never go with you." She spat

"Bad." Eleven moaned, waking up. "Bad!"

"Eleven." Brenner said "Eleven, your sick. I can make you better."

"Mike." She croaked

Pine saw the look they gave each other. They were in love. Her insides tightened again as she collapsed.

"PINE!" She heard a chorus of voices yell.

She was getting dizzy again. Suddenly she flashed back into the upsidedown and back to Hawkins. She was weak. Very weak. In fact, she was dying.

"Will." She moaned, unsure of where exactly she was.



Many voices were reaching out to her, yet none could get a hold of her. She slowly and painfully got up. Everything seemed so distant, it was distant. She held up the gun, aiming it at Brenner.

"You've put me through hell. I've dreamed of you every night, hallucinated you every day, drawn you all the time. I can never get away from you. And now you live in my town? My parents deserved better. I deserved better. You ruined my life!" Pine struggled to say

Suddenly the wall crumbled and the Demogorgon leapt out. It came at Pine, pushing her backwards as she pulled the trigger. A gunshot pierced the air. That, and the terrified faces of the boys, was the last thing she saw until she returned back to her real body. Back to her real body, where everything went dark.

(Sorry it's kinda short. But, yay! The story is almost over!)

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