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001 by dash-of-clarity
001by Clara Dashmond
1970: Sarah Hopper is pronounced dead. Or so her parents are told. She's secreted away to Hawkins Laboratory by Dr. Brenner to enhance her powers, making her the first i...
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Stranger Things X IT X Reader by StrangestLoser011
Stranger Things X IT X Readerby Brielle✨
WILL BYERS X Reader X (???) ITCHARACTER What Happens When The Losers Meet The Party? Will They Finally Defeat Pennywise For Good ? What Really Happened To Dr.Brenner ? I...
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Illusion ~Stranger Things~ [COMPLETED] by TheGirlWith3000Names
Illusion ~Stranger Things~ [ TwistedMinds
"Sometimes the bad guys are smart too." ~Will Byers At only eight-years-old Pi...
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Eddie Plant (Pixels Fanfic)  by DaniFarras
Eddie Plant (Pixels Fanfic) by Dani Farras
I'm childhood friends with Eddie Plant and Im part of the Arcaders and then convince Brenner to let Eddie Out of Jail. To help with the fight in New York.
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Stranger Things One-Shots (Requests Open) by Dani_Trienwood
Stranger Things One-Shots ( Potato Overlord
One-Shots include: Will Mike Dustin Lucas Eleven Nancy Jonathan Joyce Jim Hopper Steve Barb And anyone else from the show I can do almost anything, from character X yo...
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What's a Demogorgon? (Stranger Things x Reader) by Bill-Ze-Bub
What's a Demogorgon? (Stranger Billie
Y/N moves to Hawkins Indiana after your parents divorced. You meet and befriend these kids in school, but dont know what your getting yourself into.... I dont own strang...
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THE YEAR OF 1985 by starcourt85
THE YEAR OF 1985by ✨Emily✨
One night a mysterious figure arose from the bushes. Well after 2 years it's the one and only Eleven! The thing is they like other people now but will they tell them? Wh...
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Stranger Things Time Paradox by DylanVanTosh
Stranger Things Time Paradoxby Dylan Van Tosh
After finding eleven is alive . The kids discover that Dr. Brenner's new invention that could change everybody's life forever.
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Miss Beverly's Home for Peculiar Boys by all_the_other_ships
Miss Beverly's Home for Peculiar idk. some bitch
Hey all! I'm writing a story based on some mood boards by @kill-this-clown on Tumblr. Basically, the story is gonna follow the losers, mainly Richie because I relate mo...
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006 by human-not-robot
006by bugb0y
Eleven and Eight, the infamous test subjects which escaped Hawkins lab. However, the unknown Number Six wasn't as fortunate. She escaped at a later date and roamed the H...
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THE RETURN OF THE MAGE by starcourt85
After 3 years with out Eleven Mike isn't coping well, not at all. But all these mysterious riddles turn up, could these lead them to el? Someone in the group is keeping...
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Twelve by crazycraftyme
Twelveby crazycraftyme
After watching the hell Brenner put the girl through, when he brought in another child, Renee had enough. She couldn't go through watching him torture another child. Ren...
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Before Jane and Terry Ives by user39789918
Before Jane and Terry Ivesby Rose Davis
Terry Ives(elevens mom) joins the MKUltra while pregnant with 011 aka Jane Hopper ( told in Terry Ives perceptive)
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Erased (Stranger Things) by Dani_Trienwood
Erased (Stranger Things)by Potato Overlord
Will POV "Mike, this isn't a joke! How do you not remember!" I was starting to panic. "Alright Will, jokes over. I'll see you at my place for D&D tomorr...
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The White Walls //Eleven fanfic// by AudreyInAshes
The White Walls //Eleven fanfic//by Panic!AtTheEggos
In season one, we got a glimpse of Eleven's previous life as a testing object from her occasional flashbacks. But we didn't see the whole story.
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009 (Stranger Things 1 AU) by AFallenPromise
009 (Stranger Things 1 AU)by 𝕃𝕠𝕤𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕤
"We leave," she says to the confused boy. "Where?" He simply asks. "Away from here." Stranger Things 1 +Male!OC
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Stranger Things  3 - Um Verão Pode Mudar Tudo by Stranger_Batatinha
Stranger Things 3 - Um Verão ❧ MARIA ❁
logo após o snow ball tudo voltou ao normal.... quero dizer nem tudo. Como será que eleven vai lidar com a adolecência? Será que o devorador de mentes vai voltar? E os r...
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The camp by Happy_Ravenclaw
The campby Happy_Ravenclaw
Y/n needs to go to camp. But it seems like it isn't a normal camp. People are missing and friends doesn't seem who they are... - I think I will base it on Stranger Thin...
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An even darker shadow. (Stranger Things: Byler/Wike) by Minky0
An even darker shadow. (Stranger Isaac Morton
Brenner Has returned to Hawkins, now with his mental state deteriorated he seeks revenge on the world he blames for his predicament. But wait that's not the whole story...
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Ice Cream | Steve Harrington x Reader by hiyaitssans
Ice Cream | Steve Harrington x 【r a w r】
"just give them the ice cream dingus." All Stranger Things characters belong to The Duffer Brothers The cover, story plot, and any art that I say is mine belon...
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