Part one (dirty)

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You watch your best friend Juliet snuggle up against her boyfriend, Zayn. You realize how his eyes never leave you, though. You shift a little uncomfortably, trying to avert your eyes from his gaze. He nestles his face into Juliet's hair. They look cute together, you note to yourself.
 "You look beautiful," he says, not taking his eyes off you for one second. Juliet giggles and gives Zayn a kiss on the cheek. 
You didn't understand what this was all about- the snide comment, the looks, the way you got more attention from him than his girlfriend did. Juliet had been keen on you meeting Zayn for weeks now, and you decided to all go on holiday together, along with a few other friends. You were going to spend a week at a resort in California. You finally got to meet him a few hours earlier, when you arrived at the resort. His eyes, his hair, his lips- everything about him seemed wonderful. He was gorgeous, just as Juliet always said he was. But he kept his eyes on you a little too long. 

You three are now at a café. The sun is setting and the beautiful warm colors are melting into each other. The sky is beginning to darken, and as you realize this you say, “Hey, it's starting to get late, so maybe we should all get ready and go out for dinner.”
Juliet jumps up and says, “Alright, I'm going to go get the others. I guess I'll meet you two at the restaurant?”
Both you and Zayn nod, and Juliet gives Zayn a quick peck on the lips and says, “Later, lovelies!”
She starts walking away, leaving you and Zayn alone at the table. You feel a little awkward as he stares at you again.
“I'm going to go get changed,” you say, giving Zayn a tight smile and leaving the table. You feel his eyes following you. You're beginning to get irritated; he shouldn't be doing this. You're his girlfriend's best friend.
You walk to the room you have to yourself; Zayn and Juliet are sharing one down the hall, and the other's are somewhere on the same floor. You close the door behind you and pull your shirt over your head, deciding to take a shower. Just as you're about to step into the bathroom, you hear a door opening and footsteps inside of your room.
“Hello?” you call out, thinking it's probably Juliet. Suddenly, Zayn is standing right in front of you, pressing you up against the wall. You're shocked and struggle off his body. Zayn growls and puts his arms on either side of you, his palms on the wall.
“You really think you can walk around in those skimpy shorts without me realizing?” You whimper a little under his grip; he's incredibly close to you now, too close.
“You have no idea how incredibly insane you drive me,” he says in a low voice, tickling your senses. He was so attractive.
“Zayn,” you say, turning your face away from his. “You can't do this.” Zayn moves his face closer to yours, nudging your cheek with his nose.
“Zayn,” you groan, right before his lips smash onto yours. He kisses you hungrily, nibbling on your bottom lip. His lips are soft and warm, and they feel nice. You half heartedly try to pull away, without any success. He grinds against you, causing you to moan into the kiss. He pulls away for a second and you seem to melt a little into his eyes.
“I want you, now,” he says, and starts to suck on your neck, finding your weak spot. You wrap your arms around his shoulders and jump up, putting your legs on either side of his waist.
“Zayn,” you murmur, closing your eyes from the pleasure. “Zayn we- we can't do this!”
Zayn ignores your comment and moves his lips to your collarbone, kissing you there until he's licking the other side of your neck.
“Please stop,” you beg. You that if he'd continue, you wouldn't be able to get a hold of yourself. Zayn moves you onto the single bed in the room, his body on top of yours, his weight supported by his arms on either side of you.
“Juliet,” you whisper. “We can't do this to her.” Zayn looks straight into your eyes.
“I can't help myself,” he apologizes and starts rubbing you between your legs. You moan at his touch and buck your hips, wanting more of him.
“You like that?” he asks, slipping his hand in your shorts to rub over the soft material of your underwear. Your breath gets heavier. He's pleasuring you already.
“Zayn,” you gasp. “Get inside of me now.” Zayn grins, now that he's convinced you, and starts kissing down chest. He reaches underneath you to unclasp your bra, pulling it off you. He stares at you for a moment until he says, “Beautiful.” He starts licking your breasts, slowly, not giving you the full pleasure you want. He waits a moment before letting your nipple fall between his pink lips and he starts sucking. Your fingers tangle in his hair and you pull him closer to your body. Zayn kisses down your stomach until he's sitting between your legs. He smiles at your shorts and says, “I think it's time we lost these.” He pulls them off you, throwing them onto the floor, and then plays with the elastic of your underwear. “These as well,” he whispers, and then pulls them down your legs. You're breathing's getting more rigid, you're so desperate for him to start. He licks the inside of your thighs, teasing you. You groan and say, “Please stop teasing, it's killing me.”
Zayn winks at you a little and says, “You'll get what you want in a minute.”
You sit up on your elbows, waiting impatiently as Zayn's tongue nears to your wet centre. You bite your lip, and after a moment he starts licking your folds. He's doing it slowly, and then says, “Mmm, you taste so fantastic.” He moves his lips to your clit and stars sucking on it, causing you to yell out in pleasure. Zayn is giving you a sexy stare the entire time. Suddenly, he adds some tongue, and after a moment moves it inside of you. His name leaves your lips like a chant. He swirls it in all directions, reaching places you never knew would feel that good.
“You feel so amazing,” you breathe hard.
“And you. Are. So. F*cking. Hot,” Zayn mumbles against your p*ssy.
He starts to lick you in a firm pace, and you grins against his face. Moans escape your lips. You feel yourself getting very close, and Zayn realizes this and stops abruptly.
“What are you doing?” you ask, irritated. Zayn grins and says, “I want to have some fun too, don't I?” You watch him as he pulls off his shirt, and then his pants. You can see he has a boner through his boxers.
“Feel how hard you've made me,” Zayn whispers, placing your hand on his hard. He moans a little against your touch. “I want to feel you from the inside so badly.”
You pull Zayn's boxers off him and you get wetter at the sight of his bulge. It's big, and you want him so badly now.
Zayn moves his body on top of yours again, positioning himself at your entrance.
“Are you ready?” he asks, looking into your eyes as you bite your lip. Very slowly, Zayn enters you. It hurts a little since he's so big, but the pain soon turns into pleasure as he starts thrusting slowly.
“Faster,” you demand, and Zayn obeys, penetrating you faster.
“Mmmm,” he moans, closing his eyes. “Promise you'll look at me when you cum.”
“I promise,” you say, thrusting your hips with his in a perfect pattern. He starts going faster until he's in all the way, making you feel better than you ever have before. Moans escape both of your lips, and Zayn's find yours again and your tongues are fighting for dominance. He starts kissing your neck again, leaving a hickie this time, and biting down gently. He feels so unbelievably good.
“I'm almost there,” you breathe hard, fighting to get the words out.
“Me too, babe,” he says and bites your lip. He starts thrusting harder and moments later, you yell out and release all over his d*ck, causing him to orgasm as well. He pulls out gently, and you two lay next to each other, breathing hard. You stay in this state for a minute or two, until Zayn gets up and says, “We should be going.” He pulls on his clothes again. You pull on your bra and panties as well and Zayn goes to the door.
“See you at dinner,” he says, not looking at you again. The door closes behind him and it's not until a few seconds that your eyes start to water and tears stream down your face.
You just slept with a boy you barely know. Who happens to be your best friend's boyfriend.

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