Chapter 13: Love Rage

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Mina was sitting beside y/n and they are playing multi-player games and they are partners and their doing great and the other gamers was amaze by their skills in surviving.

While in Remora.......

"this is our new mission and this is our barrier and we upgraded our defense so the enemy won't defeat us" Nayeon explained

"Momo and Tzuyu are you guys listening?" Jihyo said

"yeah we are" Momo and Tzuyu said

"it feels like the air is changing" Sana said

"oh my..... You should hold a little longer there guys..... Mina is taking care of him" Chaeyoung said

"that's the problem" Tzuyu said

"she's taking advantage of him" Momo said

"oh come on guys focus on what I'm saying okay? I'm not wasting my saliva here" Nayeon said

"fine" Momo and Tzuyu said

Mina POV

I was very happy that I met her grandson and he's a gamer too like me.... Which makes me like him for a short time we'll for a long time I'm keeping an eye on him because Saeko asked me.

"how long how you been playing games?" I asked y/n

"for a year's now, I like games" he replied

"what's your ideal type?" I asked him

"I like girls who like to play games" he said which makes me cheer up

"wish that's amazing, so..... Who's shimori is close to your ideal type" I asked

"you......" he said

I was surprised and my heart beats faster and I blushed then I almost died in the game if not for y/n, he shielded me.

"and tzuyu" he said

I was left speechless and sad for a moment and jealous.

"what's wrong Mina?" he asked me

"nah nothing" I said

We finished playing games and I went to kitchen and ate and I look at him and then he smiled at me..... I can't deny myself.... My heart is beating faster.... Then he move towards me and sit beside me

"you know what Mina? I was really lonely of you didn't came and to be honest I like Tzuyu" he said and I felt my heart sank

"oh you like Tzuyu" I said

"but she was very close to Demetrius and I feel like my prophecy won't change and I think I can never reach Tzuyu" he said sadly

I pat his back lightly then he look at me

"you won't leave me right?" he said

"I will always come back y/n" I said to him

"I know I can trust" he smile

I was very happy to see him smile I feel like my heart was starting to filled with love which I never felt before.

"let's eat" he said and I nodded

Night comes......

"wow the time sure really run fast...." Mina said

"yeah the time here really run fast" y/n said

"how about we play game?" Mina said

"sure what kind of game would you like?" y/n said

"maybe truth or dare?" Mina said

"okay what's the punishment?" y/n asked mina

She just smirks and they start to a game

In Remora.......

"what they are playing truth or dare?! This is unforgivable! I cannot take this anymore" Tzuyu said

"let's go Tzuyu" Momo said

*nayeon grabbed their shirt* "stop being a child and why don't you leave them alone first? Just watch them in this mirror" Nayeon said

"if your in our position..... Will you not do anything?" Momo said

"well.... Yeah... I will do the same thing like you guys but we gotta keep our planet safe first" Nayeon said

"come on Momo eonnie would you stay still?" dahyun said

"alright" Momo and Tzuyu said

"okay! Let's head back to our room" Sana said

"we will stay here" Momo and Tzuyu said

"okay it's your choice....." Jeongyeon said

The two shimori stayed and monitoring the two and..... They fell asleep on the floor. Jihyo move and saw them sleeping so she grabbed a pillow and she lay their head carefully

"goodnight my dear shimori" Jihyo said

Morning comes .......

Y/N woke up and saw Mina sleeping above him and then he slowly carried her to the couch and prepare breakfast then someone opened his door loudly and woke up Mina

"yah! Y/n! What did I say to you?" Tzuyu said

"your cheating on us!! Your having a good time with Mina!" Momo said

"hey let me explain first" y/n said

"no explanation no excuses your dead!" Tzuyu said

Mina release a waves and protect y/n and she grabbed him then his face fell to Mina chest.

"don't hurt my y/n" Mina said

"your y/n? Nah that's my y/n" Tzuyu said

"nope! He's mine!" Momo said

Tzuyu and Momo tried to grabbed y/n but Mina is avoiding any physical contact and keep protecting him with her powers

"your trying to test our skills!" Momo said and run fast

"I'll steal him" Tzuyu said

Momo tried to take y/n but Mina saw her movements and grabbed her hand then she move away.

"what is happening here?!" y/n said

"don't worry y/n, I'll protect you"

They did their best and now y/n is watching them run around, avoid anything and y/n raise his left eyebrow and drink a water and he look at them and they are out of breath.

"tired?" y/n said

"you guys are too strong" Mina said

"you too" Momo said

"I can't believe we are every equal" Tzuyu said

"I cooked breakfast and here eat now and regain you strength" y/n invite them

They went to the dining table and eat.

"I thought you guys will be out for 3 days" y/n said

"we finished the lesson early so we head back immediately" Tzuyu said

"okay" y/n said


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