Chapter 28: Unexpected Meeting

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Y/n was now working at the cafe and he's earning a money on his own even though he has a lot of money in his pocket then takashi is resting in the house. It's been 4 weeks since Tzuyu was now visiting him, she's still not coming back and y/n was still waiting for her.

"son, why don't you go back to city first? It's going to take months in order for her to come back, just hang in there" Takashi said

"got it dad" y/n smile

He pack his stuff and left the house, takashi will take care of the house while he's working and earning money.

He arrived at his home in the city then he unpack and sit on he sofa. He was wondering where did Tzuyu went after that day, he went to his bedroom and rolled in the bed and cover himself with his blanket. Minute passed he fell asleep.

The crash happened again then takashi went to the crash but didn't found a thing then he went home.

"maybe it's just a side effect of machine they been making, *sighs* I miss shizuka! Honey!! I'm all alone here and I really want to hug you so tight" takashi said rolled on the floor "ah damn it!"

"did you miss me that much hon?" shizuka appeared

"honey!!!" takashi hug her

"I miss you so much takashi" shizuka said

"I miss you too" takashi replied

"where's y/n?" shizuka asked

"he's at the city, he went back because it will took a long journey to went to earth from Remora" takashi said

"hello sir takashi" Tzuyu appeared

"oh Tzuyu!" takashi stand up "wah..... Your really pretty and tall, y/n was in the city so you can wait here, he will be back tomorrow" takashi said

"I can find him sir don't worry..... I know where his house" Tzuyu bowed and left

"she's pregnant so her senses became stronger and she's very aggressive now all she needs was the father of her baby in order for her to calm down" shizuka said

"p-p-pregnant?! What the?! This son of mine is really" takashi said

"don't worry honey, y/n is not like other guys, he's like you" shizuka said

"oh god" takashi touch his forehead

Tzuyu arrived at y/n home and then the door is locked so she pick the lock using her vines and then she went upstairs and she saw y/n. Her vines calmed down and she went beside y/n

"I miss you y/n, you know how much I suffered because of that guys and I'm finally home" she mumbled and lay beside him

She wrapped herself in y/n arms and fell asleep. Tzuyu really wanted to go home after all these years of fighting. She was in the Remora for 6 years and she was monitoring y/n. She always sneak up and went to earth just to check on y/n.

Y/n open his eyes and saw Tzuyu beside him and he look at her sleeping face and then he wrapped her in his arms and she move a little

"Tzuyu?" y/n mumbled

"y/n....." Tzuyu smile and hugged him "you know y/n..... I have something inside me" she said

"what is it?" y/n said

"I'm pregnant" Tzuyu said

"Huh?!" y/n was surprised

"I'm carrying your baby, my vines act so very strange..... They don't stop swinging around, protecting me and this baby, they are sensitive, they won't stop until your near me" Tzuyu said

"waha...... Really? Your pregnant? Oh God, well I'm going to be a daddy in the age of 25 years old" y/n chuckled "hope this isn't a dream"

"me too" Tzuyu said

They fell asleep...... The moonlight are very visible and the night was quiet, you can hear the wind and see the trees dancing. The roads are clean and post lights are everywhere.

Morning comes.......

Y/n woke up and didn't see Tzuyu beside him so he try to look for her but he didn't saw her

"Maybe I just dream of her again...." y/n said

He went back upstairs and saw girl sitting in the bed and he smile so happily

He went back upstairs and saw girl sitting in the bed and he smile so happily

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"morning y/n" Tzuyu said

"Tzuyu....." y/n sat beside her and hugged her

"you miss me?" Tzuyu said

"I miss you so much, so when did you came?" y/n said

"just yesterday, it was very dark and you know what? I was looking for you and gladly my sense became stronger so I found your house then i pick the lock and went inside" Tzuyu smile

"there's pass code jagiya" y/n said

"but I don't know the code" Tzuyu said

"it's My Beloved Tzuyu" y/n said

Tzuyu smile and peck his lips and he smile then they went downstairs and he prepared breakfast, Tzuyu was very happy and she feel safe in his arms then y/n needs to buy groceries.

"I need to buy some groceries so I'll be back in 30 minutes" y/n kiss her cheeks and left

Her vines act again and guarding her and she sigh and lay on the sofa. She touched her stomach and she felt a small aura spinning around then she smiled and wait for y/n to come back.

He came back and he was surprised the her vines open the door and help him in the groceries and he look at Tzuyu and she just shook her head

"great" y/n chuckled

He prepared breakfast and he help her stand up and she sit and y/n lay the food on he table. They ate breakfast and finished then he clean the dishes and sit in he sofa and Tzuyu lay her head on his lap and he's brushing her hair which she really likes


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