Chapter 17: The Half breed who will take y/n over

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Demetrius went our with Jihyo, Sana, Momo, Mina and Nayeon.

"are you sure you won't stay with me mom?" y/n said

"maybe tomorrow..... I'll sleep here and don't worry y/n my son..... Tzuyu will take care of you.... Right now" Nayeon said

"oh yeah...." y/n felt the evil aura behind him

"take care my son" Nayeon said

"bye mom" y/n said and wave at them

"I win" Tzuyu said

The Nayeon and the others left and then Tzuyu was giggling so evil and then she used her vines and locked the door and covered the house with vines and leaves then y/n eyes widened and look at Tzuyu who's laughing so evil.

"what's wrong Tzuyu?" y/n while backing away

"ahahaha now I won! Now your mine today y/n, your soul and body will be mine" she said

"oh hold on Tzuyu" y/n is backing away

"no you cannot leave my dear human, your trapped, you made me like this..... Making me jealous all this time and now your going to be mine today" she pushed him to the sofa and she leaned on him "why don't we play a game? That's really exciting?" Tzuyu smirks

"oh hey wait a minute Tzuyu..... I know i have feelings for you and I admit that I hate you seeing with Demetrius..... Hugging each other and it really makes me mad and I almost burst out in anger" y/n said

"really?" Tzuyu smile and leaned towards him more "so you do like a shimori like me..... That's fun" she smirked

"oh God..... Okay Tzuyu.... You can get off now you heard what you want" y/n looked away

"don't look away baby, I know you want this..... Don't lie y/n" Tzuyu said "I can feel your heartbeat" Tzuyu whispered in his ears

In outside......

"Tzuyu really like y/n that much? I mean look at those vines" Nayeon said

"wow that prophecy really made a great deal and half breed? Now isn't it great?" Jihyo said

"I'm not gonna give up!" Momo said

"same as you momo eonnie" Mina said

"Aish...... Why don't you admit defeat.... Tzuyu will really take him on" Sana smirks

"damn it" Demetrius murmured

"looks like he is not happy" Nayeon whispered to Jihyo

"yeah.... Believe it? He came here to change the prophecy but it's not strong enough to break their bond" Jihyo said

"well we gotta go" Sana said

Inside the house.....

"your very handsome y/n, I really fell for you and I don't know how but my heart is now belongs to you" Tzuyu said

"well..... Young love" y/n said

"soo......" Tzuyu sat above him "why don't you......" she hold y/n hands "stay still" Tzuyu leaned a kiss on y/n

It became passionately and her eyes glowed then she put her arms around his neck and he carried her above the table and they kissed very passionate

(a/n: sorry guys I won't write that one.... Well I won't write more of that because I'm keeping innocence here, don't be disappointed in me or blame me)

In Demetrius house......

Nayeon POV

Y/N was very close to me.... I took the role of the mother because I feel bad for y/n growing up without experiencing being loved by the mother.

I learn all of human things by furukawa and he taught me how to use their technology and I learn so much about him and that princess who became envious and decided to kill him.

"your thinking very deep there eonnie" Sana said

"oh its nothing" I said

"I wonder what's happening to them right now? I feel like using my powers there" Jihyo said

"yah privacy please...." I said to her

"I got it" Jihyo said

I rest my back at the sofa and then Momo lay her head on my lap and she was not feeling great about leaving Tzuyu all alone in y/n house.

"Nayeon eonnie" Momo said

"yes my dear?" I said

"I hope they can have a happy ending.... I don't want y/n to be left all alone this world full of loneliness" Momo said

"of course she will come back to earth after that task..... She will will spend her whole life looking after y/n their child in the future..... I'm sure" I said positively

"well if Tzuyu can't come back..... Y/n will be lonely" Momo said

"don't think negative momoya, she's Tzuyu and you know how stubborn she is when it comes to y/n, she'll do everything in her power to get back" I said to Momo

"you really took the big role on y/n life, you became a great mother to him and I really appreciate you for taking care of him even just 1 year" Momo said which made me smile

"yeah" I said and look at the window

Back in y/n house......

She was sitting in his lap and resting her head on y/n chest. Y/n was looking at his phone then she poke his cheeks

"turn your attention towards me not that phone..... I'll crash that thing" Tzuyu said

"I got it, I got it" y/n put his phone down and look at Tzuyu

She moves closer to him and y/n put his arms around her then she peck on his cheeks and then y/n look at her.

She was wearing a big white T-shirt and short and she loves to cling into him and y/n always smile.


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