Chapter 22: The Heart of Tzuyu

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Y/n sat on the sofa while carrying Tzuyu and he try to put her down but her vines are around his arms and Tzuyu doesn't want to let y/n go and she's sleeping very peacefully. Y/n just sit on the sofa and Tzuyu head was laying on his chest. Sana just giggled and let them be.

Y/n rest his back and hod Tzuyu and she was really comfortable at y/n arms and her vines are around y/n and he's not scared, he kissed her forehead and Tzuyu move a little and went back to sleep.

"I never saw her sleep this so peacefully" sana said "she was always having a nightmare and I'm surprised she really like you" Sana added

"oh she really does like me? Well she chose the right person because I'm going to take care of her" y/n said

"I envy her" Sana said

"I love you Tzuyu" y/n said

"oi I'm here too" Sana pouted

"sorry" y/n smile.

Hours have passed Nayeon and the others come and they saw Tzuyu sleeping in y/n arms, Momo and Mina glared at them.

"so she really came here? " Nayeon said

"I can't believe this and she's not having a nightmare right? Oh that's great" Jihyo said

"I'm happy that Tzuyu was sleeping so peacefully" Momo said

"well same" Mina said

"where did you guys go?" y/n said

"we woke up late so we are very tired and weak but Tzuyu really gather her strength and went back just to see you" Nayeon said

"I'm happy about that" y/n said

"she really likes you y/n" Jihyo said

"I really like her too, I'm very loyal when it comes to loving someone" y/n said

"oi" Momo and Mina said

"sorry" y/n said

Few minutes later Tzuyu woke up and rubbed her eyes and she saw Nayeon and Jihyo are sitting on the other sofa while Momo, Sana and Mina are playing games and she look behind her and she saw y/n and she's sitting on his lap

"have a great sleep?" y/n said

"y/n!" she hugged y/n "I miss you so much" she added

Y/n hugged her back "I miss you too tzuyu"

"you know how much pain I endure and I can't even sleep so peacefully and I wanted to go back here immediately" Tzuyu said

Y/n smile and he kissed her and then she kissed him back. They break free and Tzuyu is holding y/n hand and she never wanted to let him go.

Indeed Tzuyu loves y/n so much. She never let anyone touch y/n. Her eternal flame grow bigger then Tzuyu heart felt his heartbeat and she was feeling okay and she sat on his lap and lay her head against his chest. Y/n brush her hair and she smile at him then giggles.

She's like a child and she was very clingy on y/n and the other girls was happy because when Tzuyu was a child the other shimori were avoiding her because she's a half shikoro. She spend her childhood training in the battlefield and the girls feel sorry for her.

She wanted to be loved not to be avoided and then she met Saeko, she was very close to her and then she met y/n, she fell in love with him and y/n never think that she's an enemy and the one thing he believes was..... She's the girl that he loves so much and he's going to take care of her.

Momo, Sana and Momo felt jealous, they glare at Tzuyu and Tzuyu covered y/n and glare at the three.

"y/n is mine and he only belongs to me!" Tzuyu said

"were going to take him from you" Momo said

"go ahead and try, his heart still belongs to me and you cannot change that, I love him and he loves me, our bond is strong and you cannot stop it" Tzuyu smirks

"ah damn we admit defeat" Sana said

"if you cheat on him, he will go to one of us" Mina said

"who said I'll cheat on him?" Tzuyu moves behind y/n and hug him "I won't do that thing and I promise him that I'll be with him forever and I will the mother of his child" Tzuyu smirks

Then y/n was surprised, his eyes were widened from what Tzuyu said then Nayeon almost spits her drink and Jihyo was choke on her food and Nayeon gave her a glass of water.

"what?!" the j-line girls shouted

Then their door opens and Demetrius appeared and stand up angrily

"I won't let that happen because Tzuyu! I like you and I'll do anything for you so you can forget him" Demetrius said strongly

Nayeon was surprised and Jihyo spits her drink, y/n became serious and Tzuyu was speechless.

"what?!" the j-line girls said

"w-what do you mean?" Tzuyu was surprised

"I'll take you on y/n! I'll make sure, Tzuyu will be the prize on the winnerand you won't win on me" Demetrius said

Y/n stood up and grabbed Tzuyu "she's not a prize, she's a girl and I won't take you on because she's mine! Tzuyu is mine" y/n said "she won't go to you because I'll marry her and she will be the mother of my child in the future" y/n said

Demetrius became mad and left the house and y/n laughed

"yeah go ahead and run! You won't win! She's mine and run!" y/n shouted

Tzuyu smile and kiss him, the girls were jaw dropped and speechless.


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