Chapter 14: Love Starts to Attack and The Shimori from the past

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Tzuyu and Momo finished eating and Demetrius came with Sana and y/n welcome them inside the house. Y/N is not happy to see Demetrius and Demetrius rush towards Tzuyu and hugged her from behind which makes y/n jealous then Mina poke his cheeks

"yah y/n, don't be like that I'm here" Mina said

"me too" Momo said

Y/n smile and hold Mina face and she blushed then Tzuyu look at them and she became jealous but y/n keep doing it and she glared at them.

Momo run towards to y/n hugged him. Tzuyu became jealous more and more and now she's not saying anything.

"Tzuyu let's talk for a minute" y/n said

"what's the matter?" Tzuyu said

"just come with me" y/n grabbed her hand and they went outside

"I came here to ask you if how long do you know Demetrius?" y/n said

"well for about.... 59 years? Yeah 59 years and to be honest I kinda like him" Tzuyu said

Y/N didn't answer and just look at her. He was not very happy for what Tzuyu said then she looked at him straight.

"why do you want to know?" Tzuyu said

"well to be honest I met 7 years ago" y/n said

"really?" Tzuyu

"yeah I was 12 years old back then" y/n said


"I was walking on the street with my grandma and I suddenly bump at this guy which is i don't know then my grandma smile at him and he wave at me and her"

We kept walking then my grandma went to grocery store and I was left in house. I used to play with my dog name Jack, a German Shepard dog. Then that guy came again and ask if I heard a crash on the site then I denied him. Then I saw this girl was hiding behind me and then she smiled at me, I can't remember her name but I know her face

My grandma came and saw this girl and she was very happy to see my grandma which made me happy then we welcome her to our house. I was very close to her and she used to play with me. She stayed only for 1 year then she left

End of flashback

"oh so..... You already met a shimori back then but you didn't know her name" Tzuyu said

"yeah..... I was a kid back then and to be honest she's really pretty" y/n said and nodded

"oh yeah?" Mina appeared

"oh Mina where did you come from?" y/n said

"you don't tell your stories to us" Momo said

"oh sorry I was planning to tell it to you guys really.... I swear" y/n said

"y/n......" Sana appeared

"oh Sana did you use your power?" y/n asked

"haha haha yeah.... Your telling a story about your past and that first shimori you met" Sana said

Sana hugged y/n from behind and then three reacted and Sana smirks at them

"y/n help me" Sana said

"oh okay" y/n cover Sana

"yah won't you move?" Momo said

"nope" y/n

"you like Sana?" Mina said

"ah..... Well....." y/n smile

"really?! I like you too" Sana said

"nice work Sana" y/n whispered on Sana

"no problem" Sana smile

The three charge at Sana and she use her powers and make y/n invisible. The three look for them everywhere then someone grabbed them and all of them stopped and bow at the two girls.

"okay what's the problem for using your powers?" the first girl said

"sorry leader...... We are just playing around here" Momo said

"oh come on.... You came here just to use that power? Are you guys out of your mind? We are in earth not in Remora" the first girl said

"hello y/n..... Nice to see you again for almost 7 years...." the 2nd girl said

"noona? Your here? Why did you came to earth?" y/n was surprised and walk towards her

"Nayeon eonnie, are you close to this guy?" the leader said

"yeah, I used to look after him when I came to earth for the second time to visit Saeko" Nayeon said

"oh i see.... Hello sir y/n, I'm Jihyo, the leader of the group" Jihyo said

"oh hello Ms Jihyo" y/n said

"yeah, your very popular in the Remora, some of the shimori wanted to meet a human like you and they are really curious how you look like in person" Jihyo said

"and you know what? You haven't meet the rest members of the group, their name was Jeongyeon, Dahyun and Chaeyoung" Nayeon said

"wow..... Being the keeper of the safety of shimori was really awesome! Can't wait to see them" y/n was very happy to meet Nayeon again

He can't hide his excitement then Nayeon open her arms wide then y/n hugged her which surprised the girls and Nayeon was very happy to see y/n.

"you really grew taller than me, look at you.... Your height was on my waist back there and now your very tall" Nayeon said

"I'm still growing.... I'm only 19 years old so I still have the 2 years and to be honest..... I'm only 6ft right now...." y/n said and smile at her "let's go inside guys"

They went inside and Nayeon smiled so happily and sit on the sofa beside y/n.

"nothing change Huh?" Nayeon said

"yep.... But that changed" y/n pointed at Tzuyu and Demetrius

"you like Tzuyu?" Jihyo said

"well....." y/n was hesitating

"don't be shy, I know you y/n" Nayeon said

"it's obvious and by the way.... Why do I feel like there's..... A dark stare" Jihyo look at Momo and Mina

"oh jeez.... But why do you have the pink, blue and green eternal fire burning up inside you?" Jihyo look at y/n

"I gave him my eternal fire" Nayeon said

"wow your very close to him don't you?" Jihyo said

"of course I am" Nayeon said

"I'm hungry..... Let's eat, there's a food right there right y/n?" Jihyo said

"yep go on eat" y/n said


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