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Lindsey’s Point of View

Bulls-eye! Got him straight through the heart. I held my gun steadily in my arm, and shot again, aiming for the straw stuffed dummy’s forehead this time. The shiny revolver was a brilliant piece of work, and was great for practice out in the open expanse of my backyard.

After all, an FBI agent needs to practice range shooting as well. All those teaching credentials, gone to waste. Oh well, being an agent gave me great pleasure, because I was helping people all the same.

I sank one last bullet into the dummy, before heading into the house, only to find a pale Jeff hiding behind the couch.

“Really Jeff? You think the couch would protect you from all dangers?”

I arched a brow at him, before heading over. He was shaking, and was holding the telephone in his hand.

“Lindsey,” he whispered. “My dad wants me dead.”


I’ve taken Jeff into custody in Shanghai, China, the most populated city in the world. He’s being targeted by one of the most powerful and influential businessmen in the United States, and I can’t let him see me.

We’ve been hidden away into a simple apartment, definitely not beautiful by any standards, but it suffices. The FBI has allowed me to come and keep him safe, and we’re under guard all the time.

A lot of times, we are locked down, and anyone who comes to visit is strip searched, fingerprinted, and tested.

Everyone in our complex is aware of what’s happening, and they are wonderful Chinese citizens who keep out secret safe. I’m so scared, on the outside, I may seem like I hate Jeff, but how can you hate the man you have loved since you met him?

He was my hero. The day of the accident, he had saved me, sacrificed himself so I could leave the scene unscathed. Now it was my turn, my turn to save him.

“Lindsey, how are you going to keep me safe?”

“I’m an FBI agent, don’t ask any more questions. We’re going to change your appearance,” I silenced him, before taking out a bottle of deep brown dye. “How fond are you of your hair color?”

“Honestly, as long as it can trick my dad, I don’t care,” he shrugged.

“Good, because from today on, you’re going to be a green-eyed brunette.”

“Ok then, let operation brunette begin,” he replied.

I carefully squeezed the thick dye into my gloves, and proceeded to massage his hair with the formula, working my way all over his scalp. The dark brown seeped into the roots of his golden locks, turning them a deep mahogany brown, rich as chocolate.

His hair was choppy, yet soft as silk, and the beautiful gilded gold color was now being replaced by brown. I could hear Katie laughing through the thin apartment walls, speaking in her Chinese, which she had picked up over the month.

“亮亮! 你好, 今天玩儿吧?” (“Liang Liang! Hi, we play today?”)

I always marveled at how quick children were at picking up languages, and utilizing them to their full advantage. All I picked up was that 你好meant hi. Meanwhile, Katie was already chattering and communicating with our neighbor’s child Liang Liang.

“You done yet Lindsey?”

“Yeah, go wash off the extra; I’ll fix up your new green contacts.”

With the plastic sheet tied around his neck, he stumbled into the small shower room, and closed the door.

I placed my cheek onto my fist, and lowered my head. The lengths I would go to protect Jeff scared me. My love for him scared me the most.


I lowered the gun, and watched the blood seep onto his shirt. He was wincing, trying to stop the blood, but I had shot the stomach. Soon the acid would eat him alive.

The red flowed freely, pooling onto the carpet, and I muttered angrily under my breath. Man, yet another stain I would have to remove.

The guy had begged me, like a wimp, and prayed that I let him go. Jeff’s father was merciless, cowering behind big tough men, waiting for the kill.

He doesn’t deserve to live, and neither do his puppets.

“I don’t care if it was your job to kill Jeff, if you want to get to him, you get through me, got it?” I hissed into his ear, before dropping him, letting him slump to the floor.

Smiling wickedly, I turned on my heel, and stormed away. I had to protect Jeff; it was my job, my duty as an FBI agent. Everyone knew Jeff’s father, Mark, was insane. Ever since Katherine, ever since her passing.

I know he can’t keep this up for long; he only has so much strength, before he’ll give way, before his body weakens. He’s not young and healthy anymore, all those years of whiskey and liquor has withered that body of his.

He’d been handsome once, or at least Katherine had thought so, with cheery brown eyes and gold hair. He had always been one for smiling, and nothing made him happier than watching Katherine.

Every day I visited the Gregors, he was always pampering her, always at her beck and call, waiting to satisfy her needs. She loved him with all her heart, which I could see, by the way her eyes shined whenever she saw him.

But now, now he’s gone crazy, and he wants to kill his children. The last part of Katherine he has left.

I’ve got to keep my guard up, make sure he doesn’t lay a finger on Jeff or Katie. They’re the important ones, the ones I have to protect. Me, I don’t matter, I’m just doing my job. And right now, my job is to kill Mark, no matter what it takes.


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