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A/n: this is one of the most stupid things i've ever written but that's kinda the point so idk

I was desperate. I really was.

I tried to distract myself. What choice did I have? I couldn't lay around and mope about it forever, even though it ate me up inside. Oh, how I longed to see the brightness shining in front of me. I longed for the sweetness, the absolute beauty. But it was gone now.

And no matter how hard I tried to get over it, nothing was working. Not even my friends wanted to be there for me. I was bored, alone on the couch watching a black screen in front of me.

After a few months of going on the same way everyday, I just couldn't take it anymore. I needed out. Out of this trap. So I decided to go out and talk to someone for the first time in a long while. But I also needed a plan.

How could I get someone to be charmed by me, and actually be interested? I wasn't an interesting person. I felt like I was completely empty, nothing left in me ever since he disappeared. I guess I would have to wing it.

I walked into my local Starbucks, searching for anyone who looked approachable. Somebody my age. Somebody who could actually help me out in my little situation.

The first person I tried to approach didn't work out very well. It was one of the workers. I ordered, tried to talk to him, but he seemed completely uninterested and a little weirded out. I took the hint and walked away with just a tad of embarrassment.

The second person was also a failure. It was a girl with wavy medium brown hair. She looked about my age, maybe we could have been friends. But what I didn't realize when I tried talking to her was that she was on the phone. She thought I was completely rude, so she waved me off and walked away with an annoyed eye roll.

The third and fourth person was even more of an embarrassment. See, I'm not a smooth person whatsoever. I'm awkward, and I guess that's not a very good flaw to have when you're trying to make random friends.

But I couldn't give up so easily. I needed this. I just needed someone who could at least be a friend to me. Someone who could be there for me when others weren't. So I decided to try just one last person.

He was a boy- taller than me, with dark brown fluffy hair. I couldn't really see his eyes since he was across the shop from me, but I told myself I'd figure it out once I actually got to talk to him.

I waited for him to order and get his drink, and then he eventually sat down. I knew it seemed sort of creepy- me watching a stranger- but he was cute and I couldn't help but stare.

I took a deep breath as I stood up, swiftly walking over to the small table he was sitting at.

"Um, hey," I greeted him, my voice sounding more nervous than I intended. He looked up from his phone, a questioning look on his face. I gave him a small smile, which seemed to amuse him a bit.

"Hello," he said with a small chuckle. "You wanna sit?" He finally asked. I nodded quickly as I pulled out the chair in front of him, sitting down quietly.

"So, whats your name?" He asked, shutting his phone off and setting it down. So I got his attention, that's for sure. He wasn't like the others who ignored me right away. He was welcoming me. Maybe this would work.

"I'm Y/n," I introduced myself.

"Tyler," he said, putting out his hand. I shook it shyly, staring into his eyes. They were a beautiful shade of bright brown, and they seemed to shine with the light reflecting on them.

"It's nice to meet you," I told him, offering a polite smile. "I'm sorry I just kind of came to you randomly. You just... caught my attention," I explained.

He let a small laugh escape his lips, something so quiet that it was almost inaudible, but I heard it. It was soothing, I felt as if I could listen to it all day.

And eventually, that's what ended up happening.

He gave me his number, and suddenly my constant boredom turned to me smiling at my phone as I texted him. I completely forgot about the other him, because lately, the only thing that had been going through my mind was Tyler.

I had to see him again. And again and again. Because I couldn't get enough of his cute smiles and quiet laughter. I couldn't get enough of his sweet voice and caring personality. Even as months went by, he was there for me, and I wanted him to be by me forever and ever.

I invited him over one day, just so we could hang out and watch some movies. Cliche stuff like that. The entire week, I was excited just for Friday. That's when he would come. Maybe I wouldn't be afraid to tell him how I felt. Maybe he felt the same. Maybe I'll even kiss him.

And so Friday came along, and so did Tyler. He was at my apartment at the exact time he said he'd be there.

"Hey Tyler!" I exclaimed, immediately engulfing him into a hug. He wrapped his arms around me as I rested my head against his chest, breathing in his cologne. I hope he feels the same.

"So, what's first?" He asked as he casually walked inside.

"Movies, of course," I stated it as if to were obvious. "I'll get the food ready!" I heard his quiet laugh as I skipped into the kitchen with a giddy smile on my face. I opened the pantry, searching for whatever good stuff I had. I pulled out a bag of chips, a box of cookies, and even a jar of Nutella. I actually hadn't had Nutella in a while, and I used to constantly eat it. I couldn't even remember why I stopped.

I got drinks too, and then balanced them all in my arms as I attempted to bring them in the other room. I set everything down on the small coffee table and then looked over to Tyler.

"Alright, now let's start," I said.

I grabbed my TV remote, pressing the power button. For some reason, the feeling of pressing that button felt so unfamiliar... I still had no idea why.

The TV turned on, and I selected the Netflix option. It finally loaded, so I pressed sign in and waited. But then something popped up.

Subscription expired.

I gasped.

That was what was bugging me in the back of my mind. That's why I haven't had Nutella in forever. That's why my days before Tyler were spent in complete boredom. That's why I started talking to Tyler in the first place.

I needed someone's Netflix account. I needed Tyler's Netflix account.

Ever since my subscription expired, I was left with nothing to watch on my TV. I couldn't pay anymore because I was broke. And all my friends wouldn't even let me use their accounts. Heck, I even made ten other emails to use free trials. But now I was completely out of emails to use, and I was just sick of it. Netflix had left my life, and I absolutely despised him for it. Couldn't he be free, just for me?

So my plan was to find someone who could share their account with me. And well, that person was supposed to be Tyler.

"Well, um," I stuttered looking over to him with a nervous smile. "Do you have an account I could possibly use?" I asked with a pleading smile. He bit his lip, shaking his head.

"I don't have Netflix," he informed me, causing my eyes to widen.

I guess I got so distracted by Tyler that I forgot the one thing I needed to ask him.

For the rest of the night, since we had nothing to watch, we just talked to each other and even cuddled a bit. He was there for me when Netflix wasn't, and to be completely honest, I definitely liked him a ton more.

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