*Chapter 2*

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First published: June 16th 2018
Last edited: 1st March 2022

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The time was almost 1 am. Since the suspect had been found and caught it meant that Y/N and Hank didn't need to stay at the scene. Their noses thanked them for that. The fresh air had never smelt so good. But the night wasn't over. They still needed to interrogate the suspect. Y/N stifled back another yawn. They usually didn't work this late. They had also never dealt with an android suspect. 

The android suspect was being brought to the station separately from Hank and Y/N. Hank drove Y/N to the station in his car as usual. But Y/N wasn't expecting to be shoved in the back seat like a child. 
"Connor is more expensive than you therefore you sit in the back." Hank grinned, his reflection was clear in the rearview mirror of the car. 
"Yes. That is true. However, I am irreplaceable, therefore I am priceless." Y/N jokingly argued. 
"While irreplaceable. You are not priceless." Connor corrected. "Your organs alone are worth..." Hank raised his hand to silence Connor. 
"Stop right there. Don't give her ideas." Y/N sat back in her seat. If Connor wouldn't tell her how much her organs were worth she would just have to look it up later. With the end of the conversation, the rest of the car journey was spent in silence. 

At the station, Y/N was stretching her legs and wandering around the station. They were waiting for the interrogation to start. 
"Hey, Sweetheart." A voice called from behind her. She turned and saw a man in his cell. He had been arrested previously in the day. She rolled her eyes at him. "Hey. You'd be prettier if you smiled Darlin'." Y/N looked at him disgusted. 
"Do people honestly still say that?" She mumbled to herself trying to ignore the criminal. At this rate, she was tempted to see if she could get time added to his sentence for... something... Harassing a police officer?

"That is incorrect." Connor's voice said. Y/N jumped slightly in surprise. He had silently walked up to her. She had no idea he was standing next to her. "Y/N's face is almost symmetrical. Having a symmetrical face is viewed as attractive in humans therefore, using your words, there is nothing Y/N can do to make herself, 'prettier'." Y/N felt a blush rising in her cheeks. She was not expecting to hear that today... Or any day. 

"Did you just call me attractive, Connor?" She asked. Connor looked off into the distance before looking back at her. 
"Statistically speaking yes." He answered matter of factly. Y/N shrugged. 
"I'll take it." 
"The Lieutenant has asked me to fetch you to the interrogation room. The deviant has arrived."

The lighting in the station was better than the light at the scene. Before it was all torches and dim lights. Here at the station, there were bright lights in every direction. Every feature of his face had become defined. If Y/N thought Connor was attractive at the scene, she had to admit that in this better light he was handsome. Statistically speaking of course. His suit was perfectly tailored to his shape and form. 
"Are you coming officer Y/L/N?" Connor asked a few feet ahead of her. Y/N coughed to clear her head of her thoughts.
"Yeah, I am." She confirmed following him into the viewing room. 


On one side of the one-way mirror, Hank was interrogating the android. On the other side, Connor, Y/N, some security, and officer Gavin. Or as people around the office called him, 'Officer dickhead'. Y/N might have admitted once that she had a crush on Gavin. On her first day, her crush was born and died. The second he opened his mouth to speak the crush flew out the window. When it came to his personality... looks could only go so far. 

"Hey, Rookie." Gavin's voice boomed across the small room. "It's an Android. I'm surprised you haven't started crying yet" He laughed to himself. He nudged the police officer named Chris. Chris forced a smile clearly uncomfortable.
"Shut up Gavin." Y/N scoffed. "Don't you have something better to do?" 
"Y/N. Please. An android getting pinned for murder. It's Christmas." Y/N rolled her eyes. 
"Wow, Gavin. Did you write to Santa to get that wish? Or did you squeeze your eyes really tight" She closed her own eyes? "Santa please, my Christmas wish is to get an android arrested for murder." She opened her eyes again to see Gavin glaring at her. 
"At least when I wrote to Santa he had enough money to get me what I wanted."
"Hey." Chris stepped in before things went further. Gavin and Y/N sighed in frustration before looking back at the interrogation. 

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