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i jog home, the pouring rain soaking me as i do so. why did i decide to walk home today? i should have called dad, he would have driven me. i decide to give up on trying to stay warm and dry, as my hair is already sticking to my forehead, and my breath is already turning white in the cold, winter air.

i hate winter. the cold, unbearable weather. the snow that blocks up the roads. the cold nights in bed. just everything about it makes me angry. why did god create more than one season? why couldn't he just stick with summer, spring and autumn? why make more?

i sigh in relief as i approach my large, elegant home. the entrance was blocked by a large, black fence, that was literally double my height. to be honest, it wasn't that much, but to me, at the height of only 4'8, it was a large gate. i literally had to tilt my head all the way up to see the top of the gate.

i walk to the left of the entrance, where a small black box attached to a pole stood. i click the 'call' button on the gadget, a ringing sound following soon after.

"hello?" i heard my dad ask, and i smile at his stern, yet caring voice. it always made me smile.

"good afternoon, dad! could you please open the gates before i freeze to death." i giggle, poking my tongue out at the camera perched in a tree next to the gate.

"oh hello, my prince! how are you?" he chuckles, and i pout playfully at the camera.

"daddd!" i whine. "i'm freezing my toes off out here! you can wait to ask me how i am when i'm in the warm, cozy house?" i whine again, hearing another chuckle from my father.

"okay then." he laughs, opening the gates enough so my small figure could walk through it.

"thanks dad!" i smile up at the camera, making my way to the double doors that stood in front of me.

i open the front door, being greeted by my fathers dog, ketchup, who jumped on me, licking my face all over.

"down, boy!" i demand, and he sits down, panting happily.

"good boy!" i praise, petting his head.

i walk up the staircase and to my bedroom, which is a rather childish bedroom, obviously. the blue walls are decorated with cute little fishies and the carpet is a light blue color, to match the wallpaper. the ceiling has glow-in-the-dark stars littering it, most of them bunched up above my bed, as they are great to use as night lights.

my bed is a light pink color, decorated with little animals. i have loads of toys littering the room. my father doesn't come in my room, which is why this bedroom is so childish. i walk over to the mirror and remove my shirt, inspecting the tattoos that littered my arms. i get tattoos to express myself in a more, public way. obviously, i can't let people know that i'm a little, so i just get tattoos to express myself instead.

i go to my closet, pulling out a cute princess snap crotch onesie, getting cute animal thigh high socks to match it. i put on the clothes, smiling at my now 'girly' reflection. it's not like i want to be a girl, i actually enjoy being a boy, but i just like girls fashion, i think it's way better than boys fashion.

i walk to my dresser, grabbing my paci that lays atop it, deciding against eating anything yet and just going to bed, as i'm exhausted and just... stressed out.

i get into my bed, picking up my stuffie, mr bear and cuddling him tightly to my chest, my pacifier perched in between my lips securely. i slowly fall into a deep, peaceful sleep.

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