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5sosupdates: ATTENTION: Luke Hemmings spotted at a club down town LA drunk kissing a mystery blonde. Many are noticing Luke's new fascination with UK model, Charly Jordan. Is this her? Or is it just another one of the rock stars groupies who he gets handsy with, then throws away the next week? Let me know what you think, and dm me any ideas or photos you have of Luke and his lover! Ttyl -5sosupdates


lukehemmings: please delete
lukehemmings: right now
charly: 🤭🤐
5sosisdope: OMG
madds: stop this you don't have to snoop around their personal lives and share it to the world. They are human you know?! 🤬
5sosupdates: so it is charly? @madds
madds: I never said that...
charlyhoe: I sure hope it's not charly 😴🙄

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lukehemmings: hey mate, could you please delete your latest post, I just really would rather tell my fans when the time is right, rather than having them find out this way... thanks

5sosupdates:  no can do luke!! My account is finally making a big break because of your drunk hook up, thanks to you, I am gaining  followers by the second!

lukehemmings: seriously?! I was hoping that you being a fan and all, you would be understanding, and a half decent person and just delete it. You are ruining my reputation right now, I hope you understand that!

5sosupdates: oh I understand 😈

lukehemmings: 🙄🙄

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