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lukehemmings: Black&White


charly: wow boy 😍😋
lukehemmings: thank youuu @charly
larly: oh my I ship it
calumhood: ugly
lukehemmings: I appreciate that @calumhood
5sos: cool!
michaelclifford: ashton, get off the account and stop spamming random comments @5sos
arzaylea: 🤤🤩
5sosisdope: ew stop hoe ^
arzaylea: no thanks! @5sosisdope
lukestannn: AMAZING
petunialover: hotness wow
5sossucksass: ew leave your only famous because one direction helped you 🤮😂
calumsheartbreakgirl: wow cannot wait for Youngblood!

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lukehemmings: hey charly! I've seen you commenting on my posts and I see you visit the Los Angeles area often, would you like to meet?

charly: wow! This feels like a dream, of course I would love to meet up with you!

lukehemmings: haha why a dream sweetheart?

charly: always have sorta been a fan 😋

lukehemmings: well in that case, I would love to meet you right away! My number is 274-179-9538, let me know next time you are in the area and I'm sure we can make it work. See you soon beautiful!

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