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3 years later

Sydney's pov:

It's been 3 years now, 2 days after we returned from Hawaii Mike took me back home, that day, half the time me and my parents hugged and cried together, I told them I wanna put it all behind me and that I didn't know what the guys looked like as they wore masks, Alex came to meet me the same day, the first thing she did was slap me and then hug me then she started crying, I told her everything that happened, she met Mikey the next day, threatened to chop his balls off if he ever hurt me I told my parents about me 'new' boyfriend after a month, they met Mike and they accepted him

I heard giggling and felt weight on my chest, something wet was on my face making me flinch, this caused more giggling, my eyebrows knit in confusion and I opened my eyes but my vision was blurry so I blinked a few times to clear it, I was met with my 6 month old daughter sitting on my chest, a blue marker in her hand, she had the biggest grin in her face and there was saliva all over her mouth, some was even dripping on my shirt and neck. Confused I turned my head to the left to see Michael with a red marker, a grin on his face and morning hair, wait! Why do both of them have markers!? I quickly connected the dots and sighed
"Michael... "
I said with a sigh as he giggled and took Lilly off of my chest and sat her on his lap
"Morning, beautiful"
He said and giggled again,
"Say hi to mommy baby"
He said to Lilly, she giggled and made grabby hands for me, I smiled and sat
up on the bed, taking her from Mike I
held her in the air as she made happy
sounds, I brought her down near my
face and kissed her cheek and then sat
her back on the bed and got up
"What about my kiss?"
Michael pouted, I playfully rolled my eyes
I pointed to my face
"Is why you don't get a morning kiss"
I said and walked to the bathroom
"Hey! It was her idea"
He put a pillow on both ends up of the
bed quickly and followed me to the
bathroom, I looked in the mirror and
let out a small scream making Michael
chuckle, looking at him through the mirror I gave him a small glare and started scrubbing my face
"If it makes you feel any better, they were water markers, they'll come off with just one wash"
He pointed out, I dried my face with a
towel and looked in the mirror to see that it was all gone

  After I pushed Michael out of the bathroom and closed the door, I did my business and walked out to see Michael had changed Lilly out of her pajamas and now she was wearing a shirt over her dipper (up top is Lilly and the shirt she's wearing) a pink ribbon was tied around her head
"Look she matches you now"
Michael said holding Lilly towards me, I looked down to see that I was only wearing a grey over sized shirt that said 'the struggle is real' I smiled and looked at him
"I'm not wearing a dipper and a pink bow"
I pointed out he only shrugged in response

After I changed we went downstairs, I
set Lilly in her high chair and started with breakfast. As I was flipping the last pancake I felt hands on my hips from behind and a body pressed itself to me, lips went to my neck making me close my eyes for only a second before I opened them and turned off the stove, turning to him, I smiled and pecked his lips
"I love you, Mikey"
"I love you too, Sydney"



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