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Sydney's POV:

I woke up to find Michael still cuddling me and me still in the room, I still couldn't believe he hired a private jet.

So a direct flight from Sydney to Hawaii takes more than 9 hours it just depends where we're going. I got out of bed carefully and looked around, there was no clock on the walls but Michael's phone was on the night stand, I could call the cops? Or my parents? But he promised to take me to them safely and he probably has a lock on his phone I thought to myself as I reached towards his phone and pressed the home button, it was 12 pm, so we had been on the plane for 6 hours, I swiped on the screen to see it had a pin code on it, with a sigh I Locked his phone and walked towards the door

As I exited the bedroom I was met with a Long hall way with windows, with a smile I walked towards them, as I pulled up the curtain of a window I felt two arms snake around my waist which made me jump
"Shh it's just me"
Michael's voice calmed me down, I nodded as looked out the window it truly looked amazing.
"What a view, huh?"
Michael said admiring the beautiful sky just like me
"It's beautiful"
I said as I stared out the window with.a grin on my face, but Michael turned me around to face him so now I was looking at a beautiful face with messed up hair that looked amazing on him, beautiful green eyes sparkling and a calming smile on his face
"Not as beautiful as you"
He stated which made me blush heavily
"Can I have something to eat? I'm really hungry"
I changed the topic quickly so he wouldn't notice my red cheeks. He nodded and took my hand and led me towards a door which I later found out was a kitchen.
"This plane is amazing"
I stated looking around in awe, he chuckled as he put toast in the toaster
"Thank God you like it"
After breakfast we were sitting in The same bedroom as before doing nothing, well I was doing nothing, Michael was on his phone.
I whined stretching out his name
He mimicked me and I rolled my eyes
"I'm bored"
I pouted
"We land in half an hour"
He informed me still looking at his phone
"You know, i know you care a lot and all but you act like an asshole sometimes"
I told him, crossing my arms, he chuckled and then smiled
"Don't talk to me like that"
He said as he looked at me for a second and smiled before going back to what he was doing.

We finally landed and Michael led me to a black BMW
"Holy crap, that's your car?"
I asked with my eyes wide and my mouth open he chuckled and put his hand on the small of my back
"Yup, cool isn't it?"
He smirked
"Yea, that's so cool"
I said as we approached the car and he opened the door for me
I said quickly and got inside, after I got in he shut the door and walked to his side and got in
"How long till be get there?"
I asked stretching my legs
"30 minutes"
He answered me and started to drive. The whole ride to the house I was looking out of the window, I hadn't been out in weeks so this was really amazing and the sight was also beautiful.

We had stopped at a red light and Michael reached for the dash board in front of me and pulled out a black blind fold and handed it to me
"Put it on"
He ordered and I started to panic
"Wh-what no"
I stuttered backing away from him as he chuckled
"Oh no babe, put it on, I wanna surprise you with the house I promise I won't do anything"
He said as he grinned and I nodded and tied the blindfold on my head so now my eyes were covered.

After 5 more minutes the car stopped and I heard Michael get out of the car and soon my door was opened and a
hand gently grabbed my forearm and carefully pulled me out of the car, as
soon as I was on my feet he started walked still holding me, I could just imagine the grin on his face, soon we
stopped and a creaking sound was heard and we started walking again and a slamming noise, we walked for a few seconds again and then we stopped, I felt Michael's fingers make their way up my neck to open the blind fold, as soon as it came off I opened my eyes with a grin plastered on my face as I looked around and gasped
"You like it?"
He asked scratching the back of his neck
"I love it!"
I exclaimed as I looked at the living room
"Oh thank God! Well c'mon I'll show
you the bedroom''
He said as he rested his hand on the
small of my back and gently pushed me forward and guided me up the stairs
"How can you afford all this?"
I asked as he led me to a large bedroom with a king sized bed in the middle and a huge closet, a nice big window which gave a perfect view of the beautiful ocean and a bathroom in the corner
"That's not any of your worries princess"
He answered me as he sat on the bed
and I nodded
"So your clothes are in the closet, I have some of your old clothes and I also bought some new clothes for you and um... "
He got up and came up to me and took
both my hands as I looked at him with
"What ar-"
He cut me off but pressing his index
finger to my lips
"Let me talk"
He said as I nodded and he sighed
"You were right, you don't hurt the person you love, I have a weird way of
expressing me feelings, I'm a fuck up
and lonely, and I know we started off
with a rough start, a very rough start
and whether you believe me or not I'm in love with you, I've fallen for every single thing about you. You've been living with me for a few weeks and I know they've been hell for you and all and I just want to say that I'm sorry, I'm sorry for hurting you, I'm sorry for making you uncomfortable, I'm sorry for keeping you away from your family, I'm sorry for taking away your life, Im sorry for screaming at you and I'm just sorry for everything I've done to you, and I know you hate me and think I'm a psychopath but all I'm asking is for you to give me one chance and I'll prove you wrong"
He finished as he looked into my eyes with his beautiful green ones that were Filled with tears and hope and I just replayed all that he said over and over in my head, I mean I had been living with him for two weeks now and like I said before for some very odd reason unknown to me I trusted him and he has hurt me, a lot, but he just seemed to dedicated and all.
I answered his long speech with a single word that I knew he'd be happy to hear and he was, his eyes lit up and a huge grin made it's way to his face
"Really!!?? Oh my God! You won't regret it I swear!"
He yelled in happiness and excitement as he hugged me tightly and picked me up, twirling me around as I giggled and let him celebrate.

After he had  calmed down he pecked me forehead gently and told me about his plan for the next day, that he'd take me out to the beach and we'd swim and then we could go out for ice cream and explore, to which I agreed and after I took a long, nice shower we both jumped in bed and cuddled till we fell asleep in each other's arms.

I don't know about you but I'm proud of this chapter

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