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The chair shifted as Zelah turned over, trying to find a better position. Her face was currently tucked into the crook of her arm and she slept peacefully.

Everything was quiet and serene.

No breeze came into the room due to the always shut windows and pulled curtains.

She rolled too far to the left and fell off, wincing from the pain in her back as her eyes shot open.

“Ouch! Shit.”

She sat up and brushed the cupcake crumbs off her clothes, still trying to wake up.

The lights were off so there was no way she could tell what time it was. It wasn't pitch black in the room but there was barely any light.

She sat back in the chair and covered her eyes with one arm, thinking about the night before.

She would've laughed in the person's face if someone had told her that her night was going to go the way it did.

Samuel Holden was not a guy that you bake “cupcakes” with. He wasn't even supposed to enter her apartment. They barely know each other and all they do is work together.

But the both of them decided to stop thinking logically and go crazy.

I'm a full-blown idiot.

None of it was right. And she had no idea why she let it happen. She had been doing just fine on her own before he barged into her life and started poking around.

Don't trust him.

“I don't trust him. I don't even like him.”

I fell asleep. On him. Like a needy person.

“Nobody should smell that good. Nobody.”

There was a knock and she held her mouth, afraid that whoever it was had heard her.

She opened the door cautiously and her entire mood went flatter than it was a minute ago once she saw who it was.

Sam stood on the other side wearing a yellow shirt that said “You can't tell me I don't look good” with long jeans, looking very rested.

He shuffled in place and gave her a little smile which she returned with a cold stare.

She eyed him up and down and leaned against the door post. On the outside, she looked cool and unbothered but inside she was screaming.

I slept with Sam last night! With no nightmares!


“Morning. What do you need, Chef?”

He raised a brow and crossed his arms, observing her every move.

She mirrored his actions, and he coughed, resisting the urge to laugh.

“You're mad.”

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