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This one is cockroaches going into a... uh... you'll find out soon.

Maybe I shouldn't have phrased it in such a cryptic way, but you'll see what I mean. Let's just say that this story is definitely a gross one.

A young girl was experiencing stomach pains at an alarming rate, the pain becoming more and more excruciating each day. Soon enough, her parents quickly rushed her to the hospital once the cramps became severe. At first, some doctors at the hospital speculated that the pain may be from her body going through the menstrual cycle, but she explained that she had her period a week ago and that it wasn't happening anymore. After some further examination, doctors took X-ray pictures and discovered foreign objects in her uterus.

After closer inspection, the doctors discovered that there were, in fact, cockroaches squirming inside. They quickly removed them as soon as they made the observation and the girl's stomach pain quickly subsided. Although the issue was solved, the parents and doctors were still baffled at how this could've happened. After further inspection, they decided to look at the girl's hygiene products she used, which were tampons. From there, they found that most of the packages were teeming with cockroach eggs. They concluded that a cockroach must have laid eggs within the packages, and when she injected the tampon inside of herself, the eggs probably traveled up into her womb and hatched.

Of course, this story has a high chance of not being true. For all the world knows, it may just be some fluff made to scare people from using tampons. But, even though that may be the case, there is a darker side to the tale. In the past, there have been news reports in South Korea of insects such as worms being found in tampons, pads, and diapers. Luckily, they have been dead when discovered, but that doesn't mean that it should be excused. The possibility of something meant to be clean and sanitary suddenly having a dead bug stuck to it is best left unexperienced, especially if a person were to not notice it when using the product.

There is also another story or something horrible happening with tampons and insects. I'll leave an external link to it below, but to sum it up, it is a story on Reddit by E.Z. Morgan. It is called "Tampon Recall", and is about a woman who begins to have cuts forming in her uterus after using a tampon. As the story continues, the reason why this is happening turns out to be gut-wrenching and easily leaves readers grossed out. It's extremely well made, and I'd recommend you all to read it if you have a chance to! I will say, though, it is extremely descriptive and definitely contains gore, so you have been warned. 

Either way, I'm not a big fan of tampons myself, and reading this definitely hasn't helped.

 Also, I should probably put this here because of how sensitive some of the internet is, but I'm sure most of you will ignore this anyway. Actually, you may even be intrigued when I write this. If you have trypophobia, or the fear of small clusters of holes, then some stories ahead may unnerve you a bit more than others. The sections Cosmetic Sesame and Facial Treatment have horror aspects that involve tiny holes. They aren't super gross, but I just wanted to leave this message to make sure that you know about it. Thank you.  

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