Jangsan Tiger

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The Jangsan Tiger is said to be a man-eating tiger than lurks in Jangsan, a mountain in South Korea. It is said to have white fur over its body, along with rows of sharp teeth. It also has extremely swift and agile movements. This has helped the tiger escape from humans and prevent itself from getting caught.

But its looks or fearsome appearance aren't what makes it unique from other animals. Instead, it is the disturbing way that the Jangsan Tiger lures its prey deep into the forest.

The Jangsan Tiger has the uncanny ability to create noises that can mimic luring sounds. One of the sounds it can produce is that of a wailing woman. People who hear the Jangsan Tiger tend rush deep into the forest in response to the woman's cries. Their attempt to help someone then proves to be fatal when they are lured to their deaths by the tiger.

It can also make it sound as if there is a stream of water nearby. In earlier times, thirsty travleers might hear the stream and walk towards it in hopes of getting water. Hikers can also be tricked by the water and, wanting to get a picture of a beautiful area, tread off into an unknown part of the mountain's forests. From there, once the Jangsan Tiger lures the unsuspecting hiker close enough, it will pounce on them and quickly devour them.

This has inspired a horror to be released called The Mimic, which was released in 2017. In this movie, there is a mountain known as Mt. Jang where there is allegedly a mythical creature that mimics that voice of humans. Obviously, it doesn't take long to notice the parallels and connections between this movie and the Jangsan Tiger. I watched it myself, and it's a pretty decent K-horror film.

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