CHAPTER 7: Stay Together

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What if it wasn't just a dream. What if it was a memory?"

Newt stares at me with his mouth slightly open, dumbfounded. We sit for a few seconds in awkward silence before he closes his mouth and sighs. 

"Rosa, I don't think that's true. I mean, I have been having dreams too, but it is highly unlikely that they are true." he reasons, and I immediately retort. 

"But I had a-" I was going to tell him about the part where I was hugging that brunette boy and the dream I had the first night in the Glade, but I am interrupted by the loud snapping of twigs. 

"Newt? Rosa?" someone calls out. I instinctively tense up, however I didn't need to, as I catch a glimpse of black, "perfectly" styled hair peak through the trees. 

"What are you shanks still doing here? We have a maze to run and y'all are sitting here chit-chatting," says Minho mockingly, like a little child. 

"Shank?" I ask, raising my eyebrows. 

"Well, since Mr. I-don't-like-swear-words gets so bent out of shape when I use any, I'm going to make my own." he replies sassily. "Now, get your asses to the doors, we need to run."


3 hours. 3 hours of running along the cobbled, winding path and trying not to trip over vines before we decide to take a break. We could see from our stuttering breaths that we were in need of some rest. Newt arranges some of the thinner ivy to make a carpet for us to sit on. I look at him, frowning as I recall how little he spoke to me as we ran deeper into the maze. 

Newt starts, "So far, nothing interesting-"

"You want to tell me why you are acting weird with me? Did I do something wrong?" I cut him off. 

He looks startled for a moment, before slightly shaking his head and replies, "You didn't do anything. It's just that in the morning you seemed so concerned about your nightmare and it gave you such a fright that I thought you would like some privacy." I feel my cheeks heat up, not only at his thoughtfulness, but also at the warm feeling that arose in heat by seeing how caring he is. I slightly ruff my hair in an attempt to cover them. 

"That was very thoughtful of you. Thank you, Newt." I say sincerely. "You don't need to give me privacy though. I think it is better for me if I just forget about the whole thing and everything goes back to normal."

"Good that," he replies with a smirk and sits down to start eating his sandwich. I join him and we discuss the possibilities of what we can explore within the maze and how to escape. While doing so, I feel shivers run up my spine as though someone is watching us, and I quickly turn around but find nothing. Except an insect. Though not just any type. 

"What are you looking at?" asks Newt, noticing my distraction. 

"Can you see that shiny bug over there?" I ask, pointing at the rock it was sitting on. 

"Um...yes? It doesn't look like a normal one though. It's...silver I think," he replies. We look at each other and as though reading each other's mind, we get up and walk towards it to get a closer look. However, as the "insect" sees us approach, it scurries away and disappears into the robe of vines. "Ah well," Newt sighs. " We can try to see what it is another time. Let's go, we still need to run back to the glade." He looks at me expectantly, waiting for me, but I take no notice of his words. I stand there, frozen like the rock on which the insect was, pondering over how could something so small make her feel so uncomfortable. 

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