Bun In The Oven

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❤️~I love you to the fridge and back~❤️

"How are those pizzas coming Georgie? Let's speed things up guys! We open in exactly fifteen minutes and people love a good buffet!"

The clanging of pans and spoons against surfaces could be heard as the urgency levels in the kitchen rose to another level.

Zelah sprinkled mozzarella cheese over cooked pasta and took it over to the Ragú beef sauce she had already made.

She swiped her arm across her face to remove the beads of sweat that were gathering.

"Are you done Mary? I need those chafing dishes at the ready! The food is almost done."

"Yes Chef."

She washed her hands quickly and went over to Sam who had the fried rice in the bowl beside him.

"Somebody get Michaela please!"

He was chopping up pineapples to steam with the shrimp that he already had steaming in the pot beside him.

"Honey, garlic and butter mixed in a skillet. Heat it please."

She grabbed it and poured into a pan and set it on the stove, stirring it lightly.


She handed it to him and he sprinkled a little over the shrimp he had going.

"Hot pepper flakes."

She gave it to him and watched his face for a minute. He had beads of sweat on his forehead and his apron was a little messed up from some spice spills.

"A little bit of lemon juice in there Zelah. Take it off the heat first."

The shrimps were deemed ready by him so he took it off the heat and emptied them into a pan.

She stirred the sauce a little, poured it into a bowl and put it beside him.

He grabbed a little brush, dipped it into the sauce and started smearing it on the shrimps, coating each side perfectly.

"Thanks. Please make sure everything is ready out there. I'll handle things in here."

"Yes Chef."

She met Michaela coming in on her way out of the kitchen.

"The guys are on standby. Is everything ready?"

"Yes. They can come get them. Chafing dishes ready?"

"As we speak. Take a break, will ya?"

She giggled and swiped her arm across her forehead again. The kitchen was a little hot from all the food and the working stoves.

Michaela went to the refrigerator and brought her a box of halfway frozen orange juice.

"Here. Sit down, I've got this."

She winked and walked away as the other waitresses entered the kitchen and started towing the food out.

She plunked into her "special chair" as Sam liked to call it and poured a glass. As soon as the cold liquid touched her lips she jerked it away, spilling a little in the process.

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