Loki's playlist

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A/N : This isn't an actual chapter. I'm used to write while listening to music, so here is the playlist of Professor Laufeyson ♥. 

You want it darker / Leonard Cohen

Cry little sister / The lost boys

I'm gonna do my thing / Royal Deluxe

I don't care / Fall Out Boys

Mercy / Muse

Undisclosed desires / Muse

Gods and Monster / Lana Del Rey

You don't own me / Grace, G-Eazy

I don't love you / My Chemical Romance

The killThirty Seconds to Mars

Love me / The 1975

Electric Love / Børns

Wild ones / Bahari

Baby / Warpaint

Sea of dreams / Oberhofer

The funeral / Band of Horses

Sudden death / Football, Etc 

You're a ghost / White Shinobi

Funeral / Phoebe Bridgers

Iris / The Goo Goo Dolls

Rivers / Allman Brown, Robyn Sherwell

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