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Hey worthy writers!

Welcome to Finesse Awards where you may get a chance to achieve some fame and finesse as it says.

I'm Hayat and I'll be hosting the award and manage this book.

Add this book to your library for notifications on further updates and information on the awards.

Let's not get into any more formalities and come to the point.

Reasons you should participate in this award-

• Your work is good enough but still the reads aren't enough for you. So hell yes you're here for your book and we'll provide you a fair chance to get some publicity.

• Quick results! Although it can't be that quick, but the awards won't go as long as for an year or so. But it won't be short too as we aren't planning to rush it and put anyone on the winner list. Everyone will be judged carefully without any sort of partiality.

• Fair judgement. As the word says... Do I need to say more even after mentioning the word twice before?

• To provide a competitive field so that you may recognise your capabilities in the world around more vividly.

• For fun of course. It's a friendly competition isn't it? 😋

Tag as many people as you can so that they may get to know about the awards and participate to get a chance for their works to be looked and read by others!

The awards will be starting anytime soon. Don't miss your chance of getting some spotlights on your aspiring and creative work.

If you haven't added the book to your library yet, then go ahead to recieve notifications on time about the updates and information on the awards.

For further queries, either DM us or leave your questions in the comment section below.

Have a good day!

~the Finesse Team

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