Yamaguchi Tadashi x Bad Boy!Male!Reader [Requested]

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a/n: Thanks toSansJeff  for the request and sorry if it's short! Hope you enjoy!

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Title: A Not-So-Horrible Accident

(m/n)-Male Name
(l/n)-Last Name
(e/c)-Eye Color
(h/c)-Hair Color

Normal POV

The (h/c) haired male walked around the halls of Karasuno High, slightly annoyed with everyone who stared and whispered things about him. He was the school's Bad Boy, even if in reality, he just didn't want to be hurt by anyone, so he was antisocial.

The only person who talked to him was a cute First-Year who once gave him his notebook, which was forgotten in class, without screaming and running away.

That cute First-Year was named; Yamaguchi Tadashi and (m/n)'s only "friend" if you put it that way.

Shoes squeaked inside the gym as the Volleyball team had practice. The (albino, blond, brunet etc) let a sigh escape his lips as he opened the door, slowly walking inside and placing his stuff down. He wasn't one to announce his presence, so only Suga noticed.

"Good afternoon, (l/n)-san! How are you?" Koushi asked sweetly while giving the boy his usual kind smile. (m/n) only grunted in response, making the setter let out a chuckle and pat his shoulder.

The Third-Years were also three of the only people who didn't get yelled at, by the Bad Boy. But it was only Daichi, Suga and Asahi because he respected them and his team. The most of the times.

"Oh, hello, Little Punk." Tsukishima greeted and (m/n) gave him a wave. No, that wasn't one of Tsukki's usual joking nicknames to make people pissed ━and because he didn't want a punch in the face and new glasses, he asked (m/n) about the nickname he'd give him.

"(L/N)-KUN!" Hinata's voice screamed, making the boy turn his head, his face becoming one with the volleyball which came flying at his face. The spike was really strong, sending the boy on the floor, blood running down his nose.

"HINATA BOKE! Look what you've done!" Kageyama yelled and ran next to (m/n) slowly helping him sat up, while the rest came with towels and some water. (m/n) let out a loud groan, as he rubbed his head.

"I-I'm so s-sorry, (l/n)-kun! I didn't mean to!" the ball of sunshine said and bowed down, before helping (m/n) clean the blood from his nose.

"It's okay, Hinata-kun!" (m/n) said cheerfully and gave the boy a sweet smile, which seemed to be a Copy-Paste from Suga's one. Everyone gasped and stared at the once grumpy and bad boyish male, who was now grinning.

"(l-l/n)-san, do you feel alright?" Asahi asked and placed a hand on his forehead, just to see that the male had come right out of the freezer.

"I'm just fine, Azumane-senpai!" he assured him and stood up, placing his hands on his hips, while the smile never left his handsome face. Then, Yamaguchi entered the gym, seeing everyone shocked and surprised.


"Yama-chan!" (m/n) cheered and ran at the boy, hugging him close to his chest, while Yamaguchi let out a surprised gasp. It was the first time (m/n) had ever hugged him, making a blush spread across his cheeks.

"Hinata's spike must have hit him pretty badly..." Daichi muttered and the rest nodded, while the cheerful (h/c) haired boy continued to hug Yamaguchi, tightly. "Yamaguchi, please take him with you while we...try finding a way to bring him back." the captain continued and Yama nodded.

"Say, Yama-chan..." (m/n) muttered while they walked. It had been at least 15 minutes since they had left the gym and no one had called them, telling them to return. Not that Yamaguchi minded, anyway. He was having an alone time with his crush. "Do you have a boyfriend?" he suddenly asked, making Yamaguchi's eyes go wide.

"N-no..." he replied, while a small blush crept on his cheeks, once he felt (m/n)'s fingers intertwine with his own. "(l-l/n)-kun, wh━"

"Will you go on a date with me?"

The world seemed to stop, as the Pinch Server turned his head, shocked and fluttered looking at (m/n)'s shiny (e/c) eyes. He didn't seem to joke. He had a small smile also a blush while scratching the back of his head.

Before the boy could give him his answer, a volleyball came flying over (m/n)'s head, making him fall down and Yamaguchi to scream a couple of '(l/n)-kun!' while cupping his own face.

"It was the only way!" Daichi said while patting the scared Asahi's back. Seemed like, since (m/n)'s new personality came with a spike, it should leave with one. A groan was heard, as everyone turned and saw the (h/c) haired male rub his head.

"(l/n)-san! Are you alright?" Suga asked and helped the male get up. The other only nodded making everyone sigh and relax. Although he won't be able to remember much he would━


Screams were heard as the boy grabbed Yamaguchi's face, smashing their lips together. The other boy's eyes went wide, as he shyly kissed back. He seemed to remember something, at least.

"I guess it's a yes?" (m/n) muttered and looked into Yama's eyes, while rubbing circles on his cheeks with his thumbs. He could only nod, as his face went red. After that (m/n) smirked and walked away, hands in pockets.

"W-what just happened?"






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