(22) Rivals [Part 1]

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You and Hiro weren't really in good terms with each other.

You always see each other as rivals. A threat to each other. That's why you really hate each others guts.

You both had the same smarts. The same brains and the same I.Q's!

But neither the both of you considered yourselves as friends.

He goes to SFIT, You go to SFIT.

His major is robotics, your major is robotics.

On times when the both of you are botfighting, the two of you would enter and one of you would be the winner as for the other one to be in second place. (It always goes that way and vise versa)

Yup, rivalry.

The gang and the others would say, "Ah, you know deep inside, you like her/him but you act like you hate her/him."

You scoffed at their same comments every time they remind you.

"Him?! I hate that guy! He often goes to botfight arenas that I'm supposed to be fighting!" You respond, throwing your hands in the air as you paced around.

Hiro would often roll his eyes and cross his arms.

"Her? She loathes my guts! I can't stand even her for more than a millisecond!" He reasons, pointing to the door in which on the other, other side, you were inside your lab.

Tadashi chuckled at his younger brother as Honey Lemon raised an eyebrow (secretly amused) at you.

What you both didn't know was that the both of you were denying your feelings that were slowly sprouting for each other.

As they say, the more you hate. The more you love.


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May 09, 2018

I deeply apologise for not updating and I hope you (kinda) enjoy this..

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