Long Time No Kink

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I sat on a park bench feeding the birds. "Axle?" A familiar voice called out. I turned around to face Sage, whose hair was now pitch black. "How did you find me?" I asked slightly terrified. "The author wanted me to tell you that Females Rule is being edited. Chapter 1 has already been rewritten and she was thinking of giving our lives a different ending." She took a seat next to me. "But if she does this that means the book will have to be continued."

"Or," Another slightly preppy voice chimed in from my left, Skylar. "Sorry," She whispered stepping closer to me. "She also said she might write a second book of our lives in this more sane world," Skylar said effectively scaring off my bird friends. "What? Why would she do that?" I asked glancing at Skylar then to Sage. They both shrugged. "She's not sure. But she wanted everyone's opinion. The only thing that is certain is that she's editing our story. Chapter 1 still has some flaws but she said after she edits everything else she'll go back and edit grammar errors." Skylar explained. "So Axle," I turned to Sage. "What do you say?"

Yes, you heard right folks. I've been considering changing the ending or writing a continuation of where it left off for a long while. I officially decided I would ask what the audience wanted and these were the choices. There is also the option of leaving the story how it is and I'm fine with that.

But if you'd like to maybe read a short book about them in our world or a different ending for this story feel free to leave a comment.

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