The history of the ruled

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The year 2020

"Now class turn to page 364 in your books. You will be following along as I read." Mrs.Robinson cleared her throat as she readjusted her oval glasses. "History: Falling of the men."

"In the year two thousand fifteen when women had finally had enough of how the men of America treated them......" I zoned out at this point. The history books have said the same thing since that day in twenty-fifteen.

Basically to sum it all up I was born in 2005 when I was 11 women desired power and took over America which was 2015. Because of this men of all shapes, color, sizes and ages have been labeled.

Men used to be considered dominate, they ruled and would run the world however they saw fit. But now they are all submissives and women with out resistance rule America.

America created a new system to make sure that women stayed at the top this system was called: Boy Marking. Every boy from the second they are born is placed on the Boy Market. No this doesn't mean they are taken away from their families. It just means when the time comes you will pack up your shit and move in with the girl who bought you.

Most girls (98%) are loaded. Either coming from a wealthy family or self made after a drastic change in job wages. From the moment one of these girls spots you either online or in real life and they are old enough to understand "Love" she can try you out.

1. In this new America, age is just a number. (So legal consent age be damned.)

This girl has to put up with you for at least four years. If she still likes you after four years she will buy you off the mark. And if she doesn't she will continue looking for another Sub.

2. Dominates can't buy subs if the dominate is under the age of sixteen.

3. This does not mean she has to buy you the day she turns sixteen, she can wait years if she wanted to but most people will buy right away.

4. Once your bought your her pet, toy, slave, pleasure pet Etc.

5. Anything goes she can violate you, and make you crossdress in public, Jack you off in class Etc.

6. No nudity laws.

7. No consent laws.

8. Rape only exist when between two subs. Rape does not apply to the following: Sub and dom, Dom and dom, your sub and another Dom, you and someone else's sub.

9. The things your Dom does to you in public or in private is not considered abuse or inhumane.
"Kinky" or standard touching in anyway that is sexual is considered abuse and inhumane when between two men.

The laws aren't against gays and lesbians, but let's face it. When has the government ever taken them into consideration? All the Lgbt or gblq or I don't even remember what they used to be called, we don't really talk about that stuff anymore. The point is they all moved out of America. But unfortunately there are laws binding straight people here so we can not leave.

And it only gets worse from here. Women are top in bed. Meaning men take it up the ass. You know "sex toys" it's basically non-traditional bdsm...

I felt my face get red as I thought about it. Then out of the corner of my eye I see Sage looking at me, she's so hot she makes my face get redder just think about her.

Sage is a natural born sadist. She has light brown hair with natural blond highlights that travel just an inch or two below her shoulders. She's very skinny size B boob, cup size or what ever there called and light green eyes.

"Okay class I paired you up with your dominates so please go to them for this project." I got up from my desk, gathered my things and moved to the middle row where three desk where pressed together. I wedged myself in between two girls.

I'm one of the odd submissives.

10. It's very rare that you find someone with two dominatrixes.
But not uncommon for a dominate to have more than one submissive.

Skylar had just completed the four year trial with me and went online to buy me. Apparently Sage my first owner had decided she still wanted me and did the exact same thing. The site told them both the order was complete and pleasure doing business. But the Boy Mark realised the screw up and called both of them down to to explain the situation to them. Sage had me first but Skylar had me mist recently, neither wanted to give me up and Boy Market didn't want to lose that money so they came to an agreement.

Spilt him. Share him. And unfortunately they agreed.

Skylar noticed me staring at Sage and gave my butt a firm squeeze multiple times. Putting her cold hand in my underwear I squealed in surprise hitting my knee on the table. "Ha.pleassssss st-stop" I said while closing my eyes shut tight before trying to open them again.

Both of them turned to each other and smirked. As fate would have it two natural sadist end up with a super masochist. I can't help it. I love being teased by them it just feels so good. But there is also a strong part of me that hates it, I want to resist but I can't bring myself to it.

I rested my head on the table panting hard. I could feel my warm breath float over my cheeks causing me to shiver from the tingling feeling. I felt a slightly warmer hand go up my shirt and play with my right nipple. Sage moved to whisper in my ear. Her hot breath fanned over my ears and neck traveling down my spine in another cold chill. "Does it feel good, getting played with in the middle of class were everyone can see you. You naughty boy do you need to be punished."

She kissed down my neck slowly. My eyes were shut tight as I felt the cold hand leave my butt. Not even a full moment later I felt the very familiar feeling of a lubed up finger circling my entrance. I try to push back on it as Sage sucked on my neck.

Skylar spanked me with her same lubed up hand as a silent warning not to be greedy. She slowly pushed it inside of me as I squeezed my insides around her finger. 'Not enough. I want more.' I rocked back on her finger. "I would really appreciate it if you would not finger you're submissive in my class Ms. Foster and Ms. Foster!" I slowly opened my eyes to see that the whole class was looking at us... well me actually. All the boys were blushing a dark crimson with there heads down knowing they awaited the same fate later. As for all the girls they where giggling at me for being so over taken by wanting my prostate tapped.

"But it's fun to see him like this watch what happens when I touch here!" Skylar said before roughly adding another finger and stabbing my prostate repeatedly. "AHH DE-DEEP-P-PEER!" I moaned out as she thrust hard in and out of me. My head falling limp as I came in my pants, in front of the whole class. My face was a mess, drool dripping out my mouth as well as very very very very very very very very red all over my face and up to my ears tip top points. Panting very heavily once again I rested my head on the table.

The bell rang shortly after. I ran to the bathroom and readjusted my pant.

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