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( Let me know in the comments if I should try a chapter from the reader's point of view. Also, this story takes place in Ireland I think its where Eustass is from I'm not to sure but fuck it! 🤘)

Killer watched _____ storm down the hall and disappear around the corner. Sighing he turned to the queen who giggled to herself.

" Killer be a dear and go fetch my son. It's almost time for the ceremony!"

" Yes, your highness" Killer bowed slightly and made his way over to Kid's room and knocked. A low "Come in" was heard and Killer silently slipped in, making sure to close the doors behind him.

" Ready for your big day?" He asked his red-haired companion who was too busy adjusting his tie to even bother to look at him.

" Whatever " he gruffed. Killer sighed and shook his head but with a smile " I'd take that as a yes. Need help with that" he asked when he pointed at the matching tie for his blood red suit. Kid sent a mean glare in his direction and Killer shrugged his shoulders, mumbling a " Just asking" before leading the soon to be King out the room and down the hall.

It was silent most of the way until Kid asked a question. " How is she?" He huffed, still trying to figure out how to fix his damned tie. He hummed and scratched his mask lightly knowing who he was referring to " She's fine. And very beautiful in her gown."

Kid smirked as he walked beside his best friend and Commander. He was the one who picked out that dress for today. He saw the pile of god-awful clothes the maids were carrying and saw no red in there what so ever. So he took it upon himself to have Killer go and get the dress he wanted and give it to the maids before they went inside. He managed to steal a glimpse of you from the small opening of the doors but all he saw was your hair, then the doors slammed shut. After that, he had immense trouble keeping himself from barging in and demanding to see his bride but luckily Killer stepped in and refrained him from lashing out. As always.

" Still hate her father?"

" With a passion " Killer chuckled, remembering the little rants you made when you two were alone together.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You stood there in silence waiting for a certain someone to walk you down the aisle. Anyone rather than your father would do it for you but it was kind of nerve wreaking at the same time.

" I swear if some random ass person comes up to me I'm gonna have to kill em' " you spoke harshly to yourself.

" Does that apply for me too? ___?"

" O-oh it's you! Law" you smiled warmly at his presence " Nah it doesn't apply to you at all... you're the only person I actually like here and that says a lot since you took my child away from me. "

"Please don't remind me," he said rubbing the back of his neck.

You gave him a friendly punch on the shoulder but then you noticed a difference in his appearance.

" Is...is that a suit?" You asked. Slightly pulling on the sleeve of his jacket. He hummed " Wearing a suit is normal at a wedding. Especially when I'm going to be walking with the bride."

" Well yeah, I guess. This is the first wedding I've been to so I don't know-" you stopped yourself when you saw the cocky smirk he was giving you and you couldn't help but snatch him in a hug.

" Smartass" you laughed. Law was taken aback by the sudden act. He strongly dislikes everyone in this place and wouldn't dare let anyone, other than his Nakama, be near him. Let alone touch him but yet here you are hugging him like you've known him for years. It made him nervous at first but soon he felt safe.

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