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The dim light from the sun beamed from the open shutters and shined on your cheeks. Waking you from your silent slumber.

You open your eye slightly and see the sky was dusted with a soft shade of pink.

You rub your eyes with your hands and stretch " Well, time to wake up Luffy and the others" you giggle tiredly before kicking off your sheets and getting dressed and head off to the boy's room.

" Luffy, it's time to get uuup~" you coo softly shaking him. He scrunched his nose and turned to face the wall.

You shake your head and sigh turning to wake up his brothers Ace and Sabo.
You weren't lucky with Sabo and you almost got Ace up but he pulled you into his chest and buried his face in your hair falling back asleep.

You laid there for a moment debating whether to lay there and fall back asleep or continue with your daily routine.

' Never skipped a routine before and I'm not gonna start!!' You thought before easing your way out of his tight hold.

You escape and stand in the middle of the hallway where the rest of the boys slept, a smirk finds its way to your face and you take a deep breathe and yell.

"It's a shame that I'm going to have to throw all this MEAT away since no body's up!! "

There was multiple thuds and shuffling before everyone burst through their doors and run towards the dining room. Pushing and shoving each other on the way there.

You giggle and make your way to the kitchen but stop when the bathroom door opens and an orange-haired woman pops out toothbrush in hand.

You smile " Morning Nami I got the boys up and was just about to start breakfast" she sighed relieved then gave you a tight hug.

" What will I do without you ___ !! "

You hummed and put a finger to your lips " You'd probably kill everyone and say it was an accident then take all their money and move to Paris "

She let go and took a step back holding her sides, laughing to the point where tears formed in her eyes.

You let out a chuckle before walking off " Funny aren't I?"

She gasped for air and nods a couple times before getting herself ready.

You finally get to the kitchen and start to cook hearing the noise and laughter from the boys across the hall.

You place the trays of food down and sat back with your own plate and watched as Luffy, Sabo, Ace, and Zoro all fight over food.

You always looked forward to the mornings. Waking everyone up, cooking their meals, playing games, it all made you so happy you couldn't help but smile as you picked with your food.

You haven't noticed that everyone stopped eating and were staring at you.

You feel your hand get a lot warmer so you look up and saw it was Ace that had his hand on yours.

" ___, a-are you okay you haven't touched your food." He seemed worried about you his voice was a lot softer and more gentle towards you.

You flashed him a toothy smile " I'm awesome Ace I was just thinking how much I love you guys!!' You chime.

Pink dusted his cheeks and he pulled you into a bear hug. Pressing his face against your chest.

" I love you too ___ !! "

" Aaace!! I wanna hug ___ too!! " Luffy pouts with cheeks stuffed with meat.

You giggle and pat Ace's head " Okay okay okay ill give you all hugs later just finish your food so I can do dishes "

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