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Your father brought you back to the castle but not to be introduced to the king since he snuck through the back and into a hallway.

" Where are you talking me?! " you yelled. He kept his harsh grip on your wrist before stopping in front of a nice looking door. Opening it and throwing you onto the floor with a 'smack'.

" Docter, I want you to remove the little nuisance from my daughter's stomach and restore her purity for his Majesty's son. Please see to it that the treatment will be completed when I return. " and with that, he walked out. The sound of his armor echoed through the halls as he moved, fading out in the distance.

' Shit! ' you cursed yourself as you laid there, the pain from earlier was back again and it hit ten times as hard.

You prop yourself up on your elbows and looked up, a silver pair of eyes were latched to your features. As if he was studying you like you were a dropped piece of bread on the floor.

He walked over to you, crouching down and helped you to your feet " Are you alright Miss? " he asked, seeming somewhat worried.

You took a minute to process the events that took place and you smiled " Too damn peachy " you stated as your knees started to buckle.

" Rough mate? " he helped you on a table and laid you down. " Yeap " wincing when the pain only worsened by the minute.

Turning away back to his desk he scribbled something on a piece of paper with a nod. He jotted down a few more things before swinging in his chair so his body faced you.

He scooted over to the table and set the notes aside and put on a pair of white gloves and a mask that covered his nose, mouth, and half of his jaw.

" Have you been experiencing extreme pain in your lower abdomen or pelvic area. If you have then describe how you feel on a scale to 1 to 10 "

Confused you take yet another moment to think before giving an answer " Uh, both places and it feels more like a 13 " you spoke carefully.

He hums and grabbed the bottom of your shirt and folds it over just enough to show your stomach. Lowering his hand and feeling around.

" To repeat what your father said you have recently mated and are possibly pregnant correct? "

" Yes, but um Docter..?" " Law, Trafalgar Law" he replied as he jotted down some more notes on his clipboard.

" ___ " you forced yourself to smile at him but you were sure he saw through your petty attempt to hide the pain.

He hummed, pulling on the end of his glove to test its durability then snapped it back in place when he let go.

" Miss ___ when was your last menstrual? " he grabbed the scalpel and poked at the tip. Leaning forward so now he was hovering over you he clamped his hand on your legs, bending them back slightly.

You were conflicted about what he was doing but then you heard a ' rip ' and felt a breeze hit your private area making you jerk.

He set the blade aside and looked at you " Uh two weeks ago " cocking a brow since he asked that type question.

He hummed and shoved the said fingers into your hole moving them deep and in a scissoring motion. Like he was searching for something.

Out of instinct, you attempt to pry your leg out of his hold to kick him but to no prevail when his grip tightens and pushes your legs back further.

" Easy now Miss " he mumbled and twisted his hand and his fingers go even deeper " It is almost over so bear with me " after what seemed like forever he pulled them out, rolling off his glove and tossed it into the trash.

" It appears you are showing signs of an early pregnancy," He rummaged through his tray and grabbed a needle. He flicked the tip checking to see if it was functional before aiming it at your stomach.

" Now you are going to feel a slight pressure " he inserted the needle injecting you with the liquid. When all the fluid was gone

You swallowed sitting up. " W-what are you going to do to the baby?" The doctor looked at you a dangerous smirk across his face answering your question.

" Nope! " you hoped off the table and walked to the door " Me and my baby are out- " you go for the doorknob but you come to a hard stop when the room started to spin. Your legs were shaking, feeling the strength being drained from your body you fell on your hands and knees. " I'm terribly sorry but your father wanted me to remove the ' Nunsense' and I can not disobey his orders. "

Law wrapped his arms around you and placed you back on the table.

The corner of your eyes started to cloud up, your vision raiding. For how strong the boys thought you were you sure as hell felt weak at the moment. Body going numb you laid there, watching law when he twirled the scalpel in hand.

A 'Im sorry ' was muttered before you passed out cold and you could've sworn you saw a man next to Law, he had ruffled green hair that reminded you of Zoro but his eyes...kind of reminded you of you.

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