If Looks Could Kill ch. 14

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"Skyler wake up!" someone grumbled in my ear.

I waved my hand and mumbled "yeah five more minutes."

"I can't wait five more minutes!" He continued to grumble and shake my shoulder "just move a little so I can at least jump over you."

I groaned but didn't move I was way too comfortable. However he kept shaking my shoulder refusing to let me fall back asleep. Finally I opened my eyes to glare at Jake. Only then did I realize I was at a very odd angle. After a moment my cheeks began to heat with embarrassment. Jake was pushed up against the window in a half sitting up position. I, on the other hand, was sprawled out - sort of. I'd curled myself into a ball with my head cushioned on Jakes chest.

I sat up straight immediately and a second later hopped over the cooler. I clasped my hands together and stretched them up over my head feeling my back crack. My whole body was stiff, I felt exhausted though I'd probably slept for the past six hours. How many of those hours I spent sleeping on Jake, I didn't know.

Jake jumped out of the car after me and shut the sliding door. He stretched a little too.

"Ahh" I started.

He raised an eyebrow.

I rubbed my face, I didn't drool did I? "I'm sorry I didn't mean to... uh..." I gestured to the car.

Jake chuckled "I think I kind of like you sleeping on me."

My mouth fell open and I punched his shoulder. Hard. "Pervert," I spat.

I turned on my heel and stalked towards the gas station we had stopped at. God did I need to pee. Jake's laughter drifted behind me as he followed. Inside was like any other gas station you would find in the middle of nowhere. A couple of isles stacked with an assortment of snacks and small travelling supplies. Freezers in the back filled with different drinks and products. The whole place was slightly dirty and stank of smoke. I wrinkled my nose at the stench.

Raiden was eying the candy shelf wringing his fingers. Dad was buying a bag of chips and a water bottle. Desperately Raiden looked back and forth between a package of skittles and Dad willing him to look down. But Dad wasn't paying attention to Raiden at the moment and walked away. I took a step in his direction intending on buying the skittles for him myself but Jake got to him first.

As I watched Jake sat on his haunches so he was as tall as Raiden and asked him which candy he wanted. At first Raiden took a step back in fear and I was about to go stand between them like I usually do but after a moment he shyly pointed to the skittles.

"You know skittles are my favourite candy?" Jake laughed picking up the package and buying it.

A wide smile lit up Raiden's face as he eagerly ripped open the skittles and popped a few in his mouth. Remembering his manners he offered Jake some too but he declined. A smile of my own played at my lips. Did Jake have a soft side after all?

"I don't like him" Shane muttered under his breath to me.

I didn't bother keeping my voice low I knew Jake could hear us anyway "you made that very clear already, what's your point?"

Shane's lips thinned a little. I thought he wasn't going to answer me for a second but then also raising his voice he told me "you shouldn't have invited him to come."

I rolled my eyes "what's your problem, Shane?" I had had enough of this crap from him, like I needed it. I would settle this now, before we left. "Ever since you got back you've been acting like I'm a rat or something." Jake chuckled under his breath at that, luckily Shane didn't hear him, "what did I do now?"

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