If Looks Could Kill ch. 2

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I think the worst noise I've ever heard was the sound of my alarm clock in the morning. The only thing stopping me from throwing it against the wall and smashing it to bit was the fact the my alarm was on my phone. It just so happens that I kind of like my phone and would rather it not be bits on my carpet.

I stumbled my way to my bathroom, I loved that I didn't have to share it with anyone else. That meant I didn't have to stand outside hopping from one foot to the other and crossing and uncrossing me legs while Shane took his own sweet time. Not that, that stopped him from coming into my bathroom.

I washed my face and looked up. It took me a whole minute for my sleep fogged brain to figure out what was wrong. I even reached for the light switch.

My mirror was black. Yes black, no reflection. Carefully I reached out - sort of afraid of whatever was on it - and stroked a finger across the mirror. Marker.


There was no point in trying to clean it now, if I did manage to get all of the stuff off I'd be late to school . After a last glare at the mirror I stomped in for a shower. I used the mirror in my room to get ready, it me long because I had to keep running back and forth for my brush, hair straightener and makeup. I grabbed a yogurt for breakfast and was out the door ten minutes late.

It was beautiful outside, not hot and not cold. There was a warm breeze, I loved spring, after all those months of ice and snow and slush. It was like nature was welcoming back the summer.

My phone rang interrupting my happy thoughts about spring. I scowled at it wondering if the call would really be worth my time. Finally flipped it open and drove one handed.



"Yes?" I almost snapped.

"You told me to call you remember? The voice said. I knew it but it was too early for this kind of thing.

"Right, right" I said stalling "what's up?"

"Are you free tonight? 'Cause I was thinking I'd go with a purple dress but then I saw this forest green one and now I'm stuck.

Ah! Now I remember!

"Go with the green one Michelle, it will totally bring out your eyes!"

I could picture her biting her lip "are you sure? I mean you haven't even seen them yet."

"Trust me you're going to look better in the green one." I turned into the parking lot "look I'm kind of busy tonight but if you really want me to look at the dresses we can go out tomorrow."

"Okay, Sky thank you so much!" Michelle squealed.

"See you tomorrow then!" I clicked my phone off.

I already had an idea for my dress, though I was probably going to have to work on it since it was mostly from my imagination! The dress would be a blue like the colour of the sky just after the sunsets and lavender. It would be tight fitting with one strap on the left shoulder and running from that shoulder to the opposite hip would be a strip of lavender. On the right it would have a cut from hip to ankle, the strip of lavender continuing down the seam of the cut.

Anne and Madeline were waiting for me at my spot. I thanked Ann and sent her off then turned to Mady.

"Why didn't you tell me your brother came home?" She asked.

"Good morning Mady, I'm fine thank you and how are you?" Seriously what happened to greetings?

She rolled her eyes "Cut the crap. Your brother is totally hot! Tell me you're going to introduce us!"

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