If Looks Could Kill ch. 7

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D': my laptop still isnt working so im typing straight on too wattpad again grr i hate this anyways heres chapter 7 i hope u enjoy xD


After the incident at Zach's house Raiden and I got pretty close. He was still shy around Mom and Dad though he was more open now. We found out that he was crazy about Pokemon from his small bag of belongings. Mom and I went out shopping for anything and everything with Pokemon while Raiden and Dad did "man" stuff... they were cleaning out the garage because Dad couldn't find the lawn mower.

The next day we got Dad to take Raiden out so that we could do up his room. We were just finishing when they got back. The look on Raiden's face when he saw the room made my heart squeeze. I swear his jaw fell to the ground, his eyes lit up. When he composed himself a bright smile appeared, the first one I'd ever seen on him.

It was most definitely a Kodak moment, the one I kicked myself later for because I forgot my camera. Raiden only made it better by running straight into Mom's arms. THE perfect family moment... too bad Shane wasn't there to see it.

"So guess what I heard!" Madeline squealed Wednesday afternoon.

We were at the mall sipping smoothies. Raiden was with us too, he was usually around me. It was easy to forget he was there sometimes but something kept nagging my brain.

"What?" I asked.

"Jordan asked Angela out yesterday!" Madeline squealed again.

I winced "Yeah? That's nice. Where did you hear that?"

She leaned forward and took a deep breath "Well... Damien'sbestfriendswithJordanandhe'sdatingVanessaVanessatoldVictoriawhoBritanywhotoldShawn whoobviouslytoldAidenwhotoldherbestfriendAlice - butAlicedoesnotknowhowtokeephermouthshutsonoweveryoneknows. Wellexceptforyoubutyou'vebeenoutof itforawhile.Bythewayareyousickagain?" She took another breath.

"Stop!" I held out my hands and laughed "okay! I get it!"

Raiden reached for the fries that were sitting in the middle of the table. He was still getting used to strangers so his chair was kind of far from the table. When he couldn't reach the fries he scooted forward. In doing so his whole arm jerk forward and he knocked over his milkshake. The thick liquid moved slowly but it was heading straight for Mady who jumped to her feet. By the look on her face I could tell she was a second away from screaming her head off at Raiden.

In fact she even opened her mouth.

I shot her a death glare that honestly should have had lasers, before telling Raiden to go get some napkins.

"These are new!" Mady huffed as an explanation.

"Nothing even got on you" I rolled my eyes.

We started cleaning up with what napkins were already on the table. After another minute I realized it shouldn't have taken Raiden so long to get the napkins. I looked up.

Raiden had a handful of napkins in his hand and he was staring up wide eyed at... Jake

"Why does he keep doing that?" I muttered to myself.

"Doing what?" Madeline asked me, she followed my gaze "shouldn't you go do something? It doesn't look like Raiden is happy where he is."

I gave her an exasperated look before striding across the court to Raiden.

"Hey, Jake" I said sweetly and put a hand on Raiden's shoulder.

"Oh hey there Princess" Jake said "just getting to know Raiden here a little better."

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