If Looks Could Kill ch. 1

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The school parking was packed as usual but that wasn't something I was worried about. Call me the devil but I get my cheer squad to keep the best space open for me. Yep I'm a bitch, get used to it. I parked my jaguar convertible smoothly into the space and stepped out. 

I smiled at Kate, who had reserved the spot for me this morning, and said "Thanks K. Oh cute skirt!" 

My gaze travelled down to her skirt the same skirt I was wearing last week. I hid my eye rolling. 

"Skyler!" Madeline squealed and bounded over to me. Madeline and I had one of those fake friendships you know the one where you swear you're on your soul that you won't tell an-yone but the minute she turns her back the whole school knows about it. Crappy, I know, but very useful when you've got some juicy gossip to pass along. 

Madeline was our very own school slut; actually I guess you can't be a slut if you're still a virgin. Well I guess she's our desperate tease or chicken depending how you look at it. Today Madeline was in a tight pair of jeans and an equally tight tank. The outfit was pretty much suck-ing her in and everyone one could tell what underwear she had on... or lack of underwear since she decided not to wear a bra. I suppressed a cringe. Madeline's black hair was left open and flowing down her shoulders her bangs tossed to one side. Her black eyes shined with confidence and attitude. Her button nose was tipped upward and her lips were almost always glaring at something.  

"How was your weekend? More specifically your date with Zach?" She asked in her nasal tone. 

I sighed, thinking about that. Zach was the best boyfriend ever! You know how most guys don't care about all those anniversary stuff? Not Zach, nope, he always has something planned. Friday night he took me to dinner in a fancy restaurant, then a romantic comedy followed by a make out session in the back of his truck at the park where we went on our first date. 

"I know that look!" Mady crowed "spill! Everything right now!" 

I gave her a secretive grin "Sorry, I don't kiss and tell." I blew her a kiss before wander-ing off to first period. 

In the hallway I was greeted constantly by "Hey Sky!", "Yo Sky what are you doing to-night?", "Sky can you help me pick out a dress for prom?" and so on. 

I replied "Hey Michelle!", "Nothing with you.", "Sure call me later!" I got envious glares from girlfriends whose boyfriends had turned to stare, dreamy looks from girls who wished they were me and single guys who wished they were Zach. 

While Madeline was our supposed slut I was the walking cliché. Yep I'm all blonde hair and blue eyes. Curved body and cute, if I do say so myself. I'm 5, 8 a little tall but I don't mind much. I've got a really annoying older brother and trusting parents. I'm the head cheerleader and I'm dating the freaking captain of the football team! It doesn't get any more reality TV show than that. 

An arm wound around my waste and a kiss dropped on my cheek. 

"Hey cutie" Zach said matching my pace. 

"Hi" I smiled up at him. 

Zach was more muscled than tall but that didn't make him any less intimidating when he wanted to be. He was only a few inches taller than me. He had shaggy brown hair tanned skin and green eyes. 

"Special day tomorrow huh?" Zach squeezed me. 

"Huh?" My brows knitted together in confusion. 

"Your brother...?" Zach prompted. 

"...Is coming home tomorrow?" I asked still not getting it. 

Zach looked puzzled now "you're not excited?" 

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