III- The Night in

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If there was one thing that you and Kosta argued about, it was what to do on date night. Typically you would go bowling or go to music stores, bars and concerts. In Kosta's eyes this was the highlight of his week, for you it was a way of connecting with him, seeing his passion up close as well as seeing how happy it truly made him. Now it was your turn to chose. Unlike Kosta you preferred a quite night in rather than a flamboyant, wild and eventful night out. So tonight was literally an evening of chilling at home. The plan was to just sit down in our pyjamas, have a takeaway and then cuddle up while watching some movies. However, whenever Kosta's around nothing ever really goes to plan.

"What takeaway do you fancy Chinese, Italian or Indian?" Dylan called out from the kitchen

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"What takeaway do you fancy Chinese, Italian or Indian?" Dylan called out from the kitchen.
"So pizza it is" she muttered "again"
Not that she was complaining, she loved pizza but knew that Kosta loved to get the one pizza she hated, chicken and mushrooms, although there were alternative options he would always order that one pizza  just to annoy her. This time the joke was on him. She ordered a pineapple, ham and sweetcorn pizza and a basic cheese and tomato. He always questioned her love for pineapple on pizza and thought it was the weirdest thing on the planet.

While Kosta was still getting changed, the pizza came. She quickly paid for it and ran to the kitchen. She quickly checked which pizza was which and hid the cheese and tomato.

Kosta had finally made an appearance, dressed in sweats and a vest top, he causally walked in to the living room and plopped himself on the sofa.

"серденько where are you?" Kosta called out.
"In the kitchen. The pizza just came. I'm just sorting out the plates. I should be in in a sec."
"Yes серденько"
"Can you put the movie in please?"
"Which one?"
"Spiderman Homecoming"
"Really? That again Dyl"
"Hey! Last time we did a movie night in you made me watch the whole Star Wars series!"
" Yeah but that was different. Star Wars is amazing and you know you loved it"

"Yes, I liked it but that doesn't make me want to give up sleep for it. Kosta, its just one film can you at least sit though it for me?  I mean it could be worse, I could've made you watch all of the Harry Potter series if I really wanted to."

"Fine, I'll put it on" he muttered in defeat "anything to stop us from having a Harry Potter marathon"

He knew about your obsessions with Marvel and Harry Potter, and how much you loved them both, but he knew you would be true to your word and make him watch the entire Harry Potter series, which despite him liking the series he couldn't go through with it as he was so tired from  work he was physically incapable of surviving that marathon.

You walked in to the living room popping a tray of pizza and dips on the table with two glasses of coke. You sat down and slowly cuddled into Kosta's side.

About 10 minutes in to the movie Kosta reached for a slice of pizza, only to realise it was pineapple!
He received no reply for she was so ingrossed in the film (but mainly Tom Holland😉)
After 5 more attempt of trying to get her attention and all failing miserable, he sneakily grabbed the pillow from behind him and quickly hit her with it.

"Hey! What was that for?"
"серденько really? Pineapple on pizza?"
"What's wrong with it?"
"Its weird"
"Oh my god you've got to be joking me. Yeah it different and it may be weird but not as weird as you"
She sneakily grabbed the other pillow and hit him with it.
"Oh its on"
This led to a 30 minute pillow fight. It finally ended with them  collapsing on the sofa in each other's arms.
"So much for the movie then?" Dylan whispered
"You know I ordered another pizza, one without pineapples on it?!"
"Seriously! We went through all of that over a pizza and you had another one!"
"I hate you"
"You love me really"
" that's depends"
"On what?"
"If you tell me where the pizza is?"
"Its on a tray in the oven"
He quickly peaked you on the the lips.
"Я кохаю тебе моя квіточка "
"Я кохаю тебе моя горобчик"
Them he quickly ran to his beloved pizza.

Despite everything not going to plan it was one of the best nights ever. Yeah it was wild and fun and crazy but it was just the two of you and that's all that mattered.

Я кохаю тебе- I love you
моя квіточка- my flower
моя горобчик- my sparrow

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