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Distance - Mélovin (Discontinued) by rosesintheattic
Distance - Mélovin (Discontinued)by 🌙
"I'm sorry," I said suddenly. "For what?" he asked with a puzzled expression. "For all the hurt I've ever caused you." My voice echoed in t...
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I will love you until you count all the stars // Melovin by lightmeuup
I will love you until you count lightmeuup
Historia młodej miłości. Jedna wyprawa do Lwowa odmienia całe życie młodej dziewczyny. Jak potoczą się losy po spotkaniu jej idola? Decyzja musi zostać podjęta. Tego lat...
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Intriguing(Mélovin)✅ by cluster_186
Intriguing(Mélovin)✅by 💖
"Do you love me?" I said in a cold tone. Not a sense of emotion in my words. "I d-do. I truly do." he says with a single tear falling from his dark...
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The surprise (Mélovin✔) by --blah--
The surprise (Mélovin✔)by Bla Blabla
Here's the story of a girl called Lilith. She has an idol: Mélovin. She absolutely adores him, but she's never met him in real life, because she lives in Canada (Toronto...
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Café Boy || Mélovin  by icecoldshoulder
Café Boy || Mélovin by Blurryline
What will you do if you meet the young Eurovision singer at your favorite coffee bar?
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Euro High: A Eurovision High School AU by EurovisionBitch
Euro High: A Eurovision High Sad Loser
*THE FIVE GUYS WERE A CONCEPT MADE BY @sandvikmoes * In an alternate universe, eurovision artists are regular highschool students just trying to get by. These teens from...
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Not Alone - Mélovin by Bravelovefreedom
Not Alone - Mélovinby Bravelovefreedom
This is the story of 16 y/o Jessie. But it's also a story of loving and being loved, of black and white, of day and night. I hope you enjoy reading...❤️
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Dreams Into Reality - Mélovin by rosesintheattic
Dreams Into Reality - Mélovinby 🌙
This story is about Mélovin and one girl who is madly in love with him.
Fashion & Music??? MELOVIN (fanfiction) by melovinator_official
Fashion & Music??? MELOVIN ( melovinator_official
HELLOOO Elizabeth is a fashion designer, she works in Paris, France for the fashion brand Channel. Her best friends since her childhood: Mikolas Josef and Nikita Alekse...
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European boyfriend by Jess_JDM
European boyfriendby Thegirlfullofandoms
Every guy is different,some sassy,some classy and some a little assy. Ever wondered what a Eurovision boyfriend would be like? read and find out. (totally fiction btw,i...
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Mélovin Imagines by kn5sos
Mélovin Imaginesby kn5sos
This is just a bunch of imagines about the Ukrainian singer Mélovin! *Requests Open*
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Cosy || MÉLOVIN  by DayByDead
Cosy || MÉLOVIN by DayByDead
Just a feel good story about a life together with an adorable singer and a creative type overcoming trust issues and struggles. Note; feed back is greatly appreciated t...
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MÉLOV(E)IN by Patrykowski
MÉLOV(E)INby Patrykowski
Un día normal en el trabajo. Como cualquier otro. Julia tiene un vida hecha. Amigos, novio, su propia casa y trabajo. Todo parecía tan perfecto. Hasta el momento cuando...
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play this life unbroken by Jess_JDM
play this life unbrokenby Thegirlfullofandoms
2 sides,2 polar opposites, one person. Kostya is quiet, goofy and anti-social and would prefer to stay inside with his cat playing the piano. Melovin is confident, serio...
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Тёплые тона холодной осени by Rainbow_teddy_bear
Тёплые тона холодной осениby Мыкыта, блятб
Даже самая холодная осень будет тёплой, если провести её с любимым. Моменты из совместной жизни Никиты и Кости.
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The horse girl by Moril13
The horse girlby Moril13
you have to read to know.
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Storm by queenofownlife
Stormby queenofownlife
Violet is eighteen years old woman who runs a store with herbs and additionally uses her knowledge about herbs to use it against guests of tavern to rob them. Effect of...
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face to face by Jess_JDM
face to faceby Thegirlfullofandoms
filled with wonder,he's ready to play this life but at what price? but will he be unbroken or will he end up six feet under the ladder?
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Unbroken&Untouchable - a Kristya fanfiction by JustCallMeTed
Unbroken&Untouchable - a Kristya Ted
- - - IS BEING EDITED AT THE MOMENT, SO IF PARTS OF THE STORY DON'T MAKE SENSE THEN THAT'S WHY - - - "All i want is for you to love me like I am the only person lef...
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Curiosity - a short Kristya fanfic (boyxboy) by JustCallMeTed
Curiosity - a short Kristya Ted
Kristian: A young man stuck between God and sin. Kostyantyn: A vampire stuck in regret. One meeting. One touch. One kiss. Two lives changed forever. --- I made this as a...
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