V- Ghost

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just a warning about this story it is based on some history and includes some offensive terms and violence to fit in with the plot line and the historical period in which the story is based in.
please note this is just fiction not my own opinion I do not mean to offend anyone with this story at all.
Thank you
Katie (kn5sos/dyl)

1941- Nazi Germany

Being the Daughter of one of the most respected Nazi War Officers is seen as a privilege position in society. However I myself am disgusted by the Nazis. I feel as if they try to intoxicate you with false hope and pitiful attempts to justify their actions.  In comparison to my family, I'm not a devoted Nazi, but a rebel who help those who try to escape the regime like fleeing soldiers Jews or even slavs and those who stand against it.

Due to my father's job we had to move to Kiev in Ukraine as the Nazi  to seize control of the Soviet Union. However I am myself saw the Soviet Union as a place of freedom and most of all this was where I fell in love with someone so special that the whole world just stops when I'm around him. For the first few months in Ukraine I simply protested in silence by socialising with the Ukrainian people in spite of my father's discontent, after all he hated them with a burning passion and hated me for associating with them because it tarnish my pure stature as a strong pure Aryan German. As my father and the army pushed further into  Ukraine and reached  Odessa, we  moved there packing everything up an settling in Ukraine as the nazis attempt to seize control of the USSR and destroy the root of communism in order to rid the world of all its imperfections to create the perfect Nazi society. This is where I met him, Konstantyn. He was a native of Odessa, his hair as black as night and his eyes as blue as the sky. He was captivating creature. From the first moment I spotted him I could keep my eyes off him . He was different from the others because unlike them he had hope. Instead of working and being susceptible to the Nazis and accepting defeat , he continued to expressed everything that nazism was against, which inspired me and attracted me to him even more. Not only did he openly reject the Nazi regime  but hedid often pay at the local undercover jazz coven where he would pay abstract music.

The first few weeks after spotting him I simply watched him play the piano and listen to his soulful music which was full of feeling and emotion. After that we started talking simply expressing our love for music and freedom of speech and the freedom to express yourself but in a world where everything was dictated by the leaders of your country we had no choice but to accept then Arms openly reject them knowing we might die doing so he was different from the rest and that's what I liked most about him. Will meet in secret knowing that my parents would kill him if they ever saw him because he was not an Aryan who is not German sympathy up or pianist from Ukraine someone inferior tours and that scared me unlike my family his parents require accepting anyway it for me you objected my parents views I thought ukrainians with nice sweet caring people who is nothing like the nonces Liars destroyers and monsters.

December 1942
It's been just over a year since we moved to Ukraine and I can say it's been the best year of my life . Konstantyn was the light in the darkest room despite all the chaos going on in the war surrounding us we still us just together alone being our true selves then the public figures who pretended to be .

The 20th of December 1942 was a day I never forgot me and Konstantyn met at the usual place a small bench in an unknown forgotten Park this is our place.

"My love, I've never wanted someone so much but it could hurt but with you I know that I never want to spend my life with anyone else but being in this torn up World War constantly dictates whether we can be together or not I want to change that I'm going to break the rules I want to run away with you somewhere we can be happy for my like America starting a new life just as long that I can be with you nothing matters. So Lena will you run away with me?" Konstantyn said with such emotions of passion, love and desperation.

Before Lena could reply, a familiar voice echoed through the streets.
"Lena, Lena " her father shouted in his Stern and dictative voice.
"Konstantyn you have to go, run away from here. Go somewhere safe please if he sees you he will kill you I love you too much to see that happen. Please just go" Lena bellowed with tears streaming down her face.
"No I'm not leaving you. I'm not leaving you alone with him"
" You must go please"
But before I could even reply her father stepped out of the shadows.
" Lena what are you doing out at this time of night why are you with this dirty slav. Dud he assult you? Did he taint you pure blood?" Her father shouted as the lunged towards Konstantyn.
" No papa no I love him" Lena cried clinging on to Konstantyn's in hope that she could protect him from her father.
That statement only made it worse .
"Your in love with this dirty slav are you? We see about that!" Her father sarcastically cackled.
Time stopped. A bullet fired aimed towards Konstantyn. In that spilt second Lena stepped in the way if the way of the bullets way. Fainted shouts and cries filled the air but was soon replaced by silence once the bullet pieced through Lena's chest. Her knees buckled and she collapsed in to Konstantyn's arms taking her final breaths.
"Hey it going to be okay. You'll be fine . Just stay with me lena okay. Please stay with me my love. I love you so much please don't leave me." Konstantyn cried.
Lena's father stood still slowly realising what he had done. He was now seeing his little girl on the floor with a blood seeping out of her lifeless body and the cause of it was him.
" you did this to her. You killed her. Why? WHY?" Konstantyn shouted in pain as the love of his life slowly faded from this world into the next. The guilt consumed man ran leaving his daughters body lying in the arms of her true love.
While running down the cobblestone streets he heard another gun shot.
Konstantyn and Lena , the star crossed loves final reunited in death. Though their end was not happy they would reunite once again in another life.

November 2017
Running through the streets of Odessa Lena was rushing to catch the next train through to Kiev slowly and she rushed through the crowds accidentally bumped into a man with black hair and sky blue eyes.
" I am so sorry. I'm in a bit of a rush and I wasn't looking where I was going"
"Its okay. I'm Konstantyn but most people call me Kostya or Mel'
This was the beginning of a new chapter and a new story about the star crossed lovers destined to be together no matter what as if their Souls are entangled and the Ghosts of the past simply following them.

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