II- The Introvert and The Extrovert

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He was outgoing, bubbly, talkative and full of life. She on the other hand was not. They were complete opposites in fact they couldn't be more different.  Konstantyn had the ability to charm everyone he met and could stand in front of millions of people and just feel at peace with everything, like he can be himself. Dylan was just a typical 20 year old, a student  who was a film fanatic, who preferred a  quite night in to a loud crowded club.

This was so out of her comfort zone. Here she was in a crowded room with a bunch of screaming teenage girls , ready to surprise her boyfriend after months apart. One of the things she loved most about Kosta is the fact that he brought out the best in her and made her try new things. This was probably the biggest leap out off her comfort zone since they met. Almost a year together and this is the first spontaneous thing she had done by herself. She had a feeling that she needed to see her Kosta about a week ago like her life depended on this meeting. She check his tour dates and texted his manager and one of her closest friends,  Tanya, where the next stop would be any chance of getting tickets. That was the easy part organising, the flights on the other hand, were probably the most stressful but fun thing as Dylan had an obsession with bargains and the fact that the flights were really cheap excited her other than the fact that she's gonna see Kosta again. Odessa, that was her destination.

Now past the airport and the stress of the security and grabbing her luggage. As well as getting and checking in to the hotel and dropping off her bags.

She was finally here, stood in the middle of a club waiting to see him and how he can simply charm people through his voice. The lights dimmed. A silhouette was all you could see. Then she saw him and all that stress that she went through  finally felt worth it because seeing him was the most important thing to her.

For Kosta, this was just another typical gig. This was just him expressing his passion for music. During his performances he would normally find someone and focus on them to help calm his nerves and  seeing how people react to his music relaxed him and showed him that all his hard work paid off as his music brought happiness to everyone who heard it. In this particular gig that was her. Despite the initial shock, he smiled cheekily as he felt a rush of emotions because his girl was there to support him, which gave him a sense of pride and pure joy.

Finally the show finished and she slowly made her way backstage. After about 15 minutes of pushing through a sea of teens, she had made it. Tanya gave her a quick hug before pointing out where Kosta was. As soon as she spotted him she ran as fast as she could and jumped on his back, hugging him from behind.
She comes down for his back turns around and they both slowly lean in and kiss for the first time in three whole month. She can still feel that tingles and the butterflies that still flew every time they kissed or touched. Slowly they pulled  slightly apart, smiling at each other with pure delight.
He whispered "lets get out of here серденько"
He puts his arm around her shoulder while she put her arm around his waist keeping as close as possible not letting go of each other as they slowly walked  back to the hotel to grab her stuff and then back home. Their home.

серденько- sweetheart

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