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Sometimes things happen for a reason. Some good, some bad. Maybe things are just not meant to be.

After meeting Konstantyn at one of his gigs almost two years ago, you had seen the hiccups and bumps in his career and to see how far he'd come and what he had achieved so far. Over the last year it has been a series of ups and downs and you've been where you always will be, by his side.

February 2017
Jittery and nervous, that's how Kosta felt. Just a few more moments and he would pour his heart and soul out to thousands of Ukrainians in hopes of doing them proud, along with his family and impressing the jury. His hands shaking, sweat covered his brow. You wrapped your arm around him, rubbing shoulder in an attempt to calm him. You constantly muttered words of encouragement like "you can do this".

The minutes of waiting turned into seconds. Finally his name was called. Before he left towards the stage, you quickly turn him around and passionately kissed him. You slow pulled away and whispered "Я кохаю тебе and good luck".

The time after the performance went by so quickly, that it was now time for the results.
The host was just about to announce the top three. You were nervous and scared.  you hoped that Kosta would do well as he had worked so hard but you feared that he may not be ready for this yet, that this may not be his time. Despite everything your fear was about to come true.
The host finally announced the results.
"на третьому місці з восьми балів MÉLOVIN"
You suddenly felt a pang of guilt in your chest and a sadness for Konstantyn had worked so hard for this and now it amounted to nothing.

As soon as the show finished and Konstantyn made his way backstage. You run up to him, hugging him, comforting him.
"Its okay, maybe it just wasn't  the right time. Don't worry about it, I am almost certain that if you give it time representing Ukraine will be in your future because I love you and I believe that you will stop at nothing until you have achieved your goals"

One year later (February 2018)
An EP and year of great success we were back at the place it all started. Vidbir. He'd just performed for the final time. Happiness and hope  flooded both of you. This time it was it.
It was time to find out. Every act had performed and it was now time for the results.
"The winner of Vidbir 2018 is Mélovin!"

Finally it was his time.

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