Chapter 1

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Here's the first chapter of "Reflection," enjoy!


"...Min Yoongi and Park Jimin..." Yoongi's head shot up from staring down at his notebook as soon as he heard his name. He looked around the room to find his new assignment partner, Jimin. He knew who he was, he had a few classes with him, but had never spoken to the boy. Even though Yoongi was two years ahead of Jimin, they had general elective classes together. 

He found him in the back of the classroom, his elbows propped up on the table and his head resting on his hands. His eyes met Yoongi's and he ran his fingers through his soft brown hair, exposing his forehead as he gave Yoongi a small smile. Yoongi returned the smile and would wait until the professor finished calling out partners to go sit with him.

"Okay class, please sit with your partners if you aren't already and one person from each group come up to the front to get your topic for this assignment," the professor instructed the class. Yoongi grabbed his bag and his notebook on the table and waited until one of the seats next to Jimin was empty to put his stuff down.

"Hey," Yoongi smiled.

"Hey," Jimin gave him the same small smile he did before.

"I'll go up," Yoongi offered. Jimin nodded. Yoongi made his way to the front and waited until the person in front of him was done talking to the professor.

"Ahh, Yoongi and Jimin. Your topic is the Great Depression!" The professor said too energetically, handing Yoongi a piece of paper. He thanked her and walked back to Jimin. He put the paper down on the table in the middle of them so the both of them could read.

"Our topic is the Great Depression."

"Got it," Jimin said as his eyes scanned the paper that detailed what the assignment consisted of. They were to research and make a powerpoint on their selected topic and present it to the class. Jimin groaned, he absolutely hating presenting and working with other people.

"I was thinking we could meet up sometime this week or the weekend? I wanna try to get this done early so we could have some time to practice presenting, you know?" Yoongi suggests. Jimin looks up at him.

"Sure, the weekend sounds good," Jimin says back, barely audible.

"Maybe we should exchange numbers so we can talk throughout the week." Yoongi pulls out his phone and opens his contact list to create a new one.

"Good idea," Jimin agrees and takes Yoongi's phone, putting his number in, then gave it back to him once he was done. 

"I'll text you right now." Yoongi texted Jimin so that he had his number saved. 

It was silent for a few moments as both of the boys were on their phone, not really talking to each other much after that. Jimin barely talked and Yoongi was a little worried about presenting with him because of that and the fact that he talked so low, barely audible sometimes. He hoped that it was just because they were in class and he would be more talkative when they actually worked on the assignment and hopefully a little more confident when presenting. Yoongi didn't really mind presenting. It's not his favorite thing in the world, but he would be fine. He did feel more comfortable presenting with another person though.

"Okay class, if you want to stay and talk to your partner about the assignment you are welcome to do so but if you're done for the day then you are free to leave." Yoongi put his stuff in his backpack and swings it over his shoulder. He wasn't sure whether to wait for Jimin and walk out with him or if he should just leave. He took a second debating as it was an awkward situation.

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