Eliza~Sweet Baby Jesus

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Hey guys sorry I haven't posted in awhile! I hope this chapter is satisfying for those of you who are routing for Cario and Eliza! WARNING! This chapter had some explicit content so you've been warned. I hope you enjoy and thanks to those of you that have kept up with this book and I'll try to update as much as possible cause Cario and Eliza's story isn't over yet!!
Love Madamtwerksalot

We had just left the ball and my mind was still racing from out confrontation with Darius. I was still processing King Darius trying to intimidate me in the limo,my fight with Cario, his admission of love me and mine to him. I cannot believe this night can start off so wrong but end so right. And right now I was just trying to keep my mind from wandering to how I just wanted to rip of Cairo's clothes and have my way with him. His long legs stretched across the limo and his broad chest was showcased beautifully in his tuxedo. My mind kept wandering until I felt his eyes on me and my head snapped to him.

"What are you staring at?" I asked teasingly looking at Cario from the corner of my eye. I was sitting in the back of the limo with Cario and I felt his intense stare burning trailing down my body. He pressed his lips together as his eyes wandered to my breasts. I involuntarily shivered and pressed my thighs together. This man is gonna drive me bananas.
"My midnight snack," he replied and dove in to press a smoldering hot kiss to my lips. I grabbed his thick black hair and tangled my fingers through it. As he broke the kiss he began trailing kisses down my neck pulling down the strap of my sequin dress and exposed my breast.
" Are we not gonna talk about everything that just happened?" I gasped as he took my nipple in his mouth and sucked. I let out a moan and threw my head back against the seat. Fuck. Thank sweet baby Jesus we had a tinted screen  up that separates us from the driver cause I was gonna combust right there. "Nope I don't wanna talk about it right now. Tomorrow. Right now I need you Cupcake. Tell me you love me again," he pleased continuing to kiss and suck my breast.
"I love you to the moon and back, I breathed stroking his face.
He paused and frowned. "I've been to the moon and back and it's not that long," he complained.
I laughed and smashed my lips against his, straddling him. He trailed his fingers up my thighs where my dress rode up. I felt him harden against me and pressed my core right on top of his dick.
I grinned mischievously as he whimpered.
"How about I love you infinity and beyond hm?" I asked teasing him as I rocked myself back and forth.

"Fuck yes. But baby if you keep that up I'm gonna cum in my pants and I'd prefer to do that once I've licked up that honey pot between your legs and made you so wet that I slide right in," he panted stilling my rocking hips with his hand.
My mouth dropped open at his description of my vagina and how he made it sound like he was Winnie the Pooh and I was his honey snack.
"Don't call it that," I laughed slapping his chest.
"Why?"he questioned smirking evilly.
"Because why? I just wanted to lick your-"
I slapped my hand over his mouth. But quickly removed it so he couldn't lick it like the last time.
I rolled off of him because we had arrived at my house and adjusted my dress so nothing was out of place. We got out and he walked me to my door as slow as possible. Cario was being kinda quiet all of a sudden and I became worried that he regretted what we just did in the limo. He did after all stop us when I probably would have went all the way even though I knew we should probably take it slow since we just started dating.
"You regret it don't you?" I asked looking down at my shiny heels. I mean he's probably had way better. It's not my first time fooling around but for some reason I felt like I had to be twice as good because I was human.
" What? Hell no, I don't regret it that was just...amazing," he said giving me a heated look and gripping my chin and pulling it up so I can meet his eyes.
"Why would you say that?" He asked furrowing his brows.
I looked at his sexed up hair that was now all over the place due to my incessant fingers.
"Well you're being kinda quiet and it's weird," I stated honestly.
"It's nothing I just...I need to get going," he said putting his hands in his pockets and leaning back on his heals.He didn't move an inch though despite his statement.
Oh. Didn't see that coming. I felt a wave of disappointment.
His eyes followed my movements as I turned around and got the key from under the mat so he wouldn't see my face drop. I didn't want him to leave and what exactly would he have planned at this time of night anyway?
" You have to go?" I asked hoping he would change his mind.
"Yeah I have to take care of some things," he said wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me into his chest.
"Ok, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then yeah?" I asked trying to keep the disappointment out of my voice. I have him a a smile and got on my toes to give him a peck good bye. To my surprise he captured my lips roughly pushed his tongue into my mouth. I moaned as he pressed me against the door. I hooked one leg around his waist as I mentally apologized to my neighbors but at that point I had no fucks to give.

Suddenly he ripped himself away from me and pounded down the side walk towards the limo without any further goodbye.

"Goodbye to you to," I mumbled feeling annoyed at his odd behavior.
I walked in kicked my heels off and shut the door. I wasn't even half way up the stairs when I heard a light knock on the door.
"I hate males," I grumbled knowing full well who was on the other side.
I abruptly jerked open the door.
"Can-" he started
" Do you wanna sleep with me?" I asked Cario bluntly. " Like in my bed? Just sleeping?" I asked. I was tired and I just wanted to be with him tonight. He had both of his hands in either side of my door frame. I watched his face flood with relief and his shoulders sag.
"I thought you'd never ask," he replied stepping through the threshold and lifting me into his arms as he kicked the door shut.
" I didn't know if you wanted me to stay or go. I know it's been a long day with crazy shit happening," he admitted scratching the back of his head. "I literally sprinted from your house cause I knew if I looked at you again I wasn't gonna leave till morning," Cario admitted as we entered my room.
I rolled my eyes heading to my dresser.
"But you came back?" I asked
"Yeah..." he trailed off.
"So I guess I'm kinda irresistible right?" I grinned even though my back was to him.
"Yeah...wait what?"
I yelped as I received a pinch on my butt.
"Hey!" I squealed.
Cario laughed and came up behind me and began kissing my neck.
"I'm driving you to school tomorrow." he stated.
"Are you now?" I mumbled letting out a small moan as he continued his trail of butterfly kisses up my neck and jaw.
"You're mine now Cupcake. And don't you forget it." He almost growled. I signed contently. That was fiiiine with me.
After I changed out my dress for my Superman pajamas and Cario was left only in his black boxers we climbed into my bed.
"Where are my favorite teen titan pajamas babe?" he asked pouting.
I pecked him right where he was pouting his lips.       " Those are only for when you're good."
Cario gave me a devilish smirk. " But you love me bad," he responded quoting me.
I laughed. "Shut up and spoon me."
He compiled and the last thing I thought I heard before drifting off into the abyss was, " Anything for you Cupcake."

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