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Eliza Pov
About fifty years ago we found out we were not alone in the Universe. The galaxy, yes, the Universe, not even close. In fact we had neighbors in the next galaxy. And no, they were no slimy green ones you hear stories about. According to my best friend the are "hot hunks, and a gift from god" Whatever that means.

We call them Falcons. In their language it's something really complicated that no one can pronounce so we call them Falcons. Because they live in the sky and never come down.

And of course there was global panic but after a few years of negotiations most people settled down and got used to the giant intimidating space ship parked next to earth... and became more fascinated and obsessive with them. They now have a celebrity status and are almost like a myth because they mostly fly in the air above us only. Very few of us have actually been into contact with one. That's why they are called Falcons. They are always flying above, watching, circling.

One thing that threw me off was their minie shuttles hovering over our buildings. Of course they were not allowed to observe houses without permission or come down to the ground. We learned that they had some sort of X- Ray system, in which they had the capabilities to watch our interactions and working advancements. 

They have the physic of a human except they were utterly gorgeous with beautiful golden skin. Their hair and eyes were diverse though and it took getting used to.

I was born into a world where humans were no longer the dominant species. The Falcons had a Prince and a King that were more of a legend down on earth. Little did I know that these legends would soon become my reality.
I'm starving. Where the hell is everybody? My parents and Mason should be home by now with pizza. I checked the time on my phone, 10:30. I flipped the T.V off and walked down the hall to my room and flopped down on the bed.

I grabbed a book that was old and worn from the amount of times I've read it, and flipped through to my favorite parts. Before an hour had past I heard a car pull up. Finally!

I rushed to the door, ready to devour the pizza. But in it's place was my brother Mason still in his football uniform, his body hunched.

I noticed his ride peel out of the curb and drive off. But my attention quickly snapped back to Mason. Why wasn't he coming in? Where was Mom and Dad?

When he lifted his head his face was streaked with mud and tears and his eyes full of grief. What happened? Mason NEVER cries. He looked devastated. I advanced on him panicking, and gripped his shoulder pads tightly.

"What happened," I said in almost a whisper. I was terrified of his answer.

" I'm so sorry Liza." he choked out. "They're gone. Mom and Dad. They're gone."

And my world came crashing down.

Hey readers this is madamtwerks alot and I hope this story interests you. Who doesn't like inter galactic love?

I love Sci- fi romances! And if you guys do too please continue. I love reading comments and opinions so feel free. I'd appreciate no negative comments please. But all ya'll are so nice in your comments so thanks. I hope you guys love Carlos and Eliza #Carliza Enjoy! :-P 

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