Descriptive Paragraph

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An English assignment I wrote when I was in sec 3(nineth grade).

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Descriptive Paragraph

     I closed my eyes as I stood in front of the wide open window. The cold, sharp, winter air pierced my lungs as I took a deep breath. The sound of the piano from one of my CDs' was playing in the background. The music mingled with the light breeze and the whispers from the forest, they all filled my ears like the instruments in an orchestra. Footsteps crushing the ice and snow on the pavement, the car door opening, closing, and pulling away. How lucky that one person was to have the freedom of leaving for a couple of hours.

     I opened my eyes and gazed towards the woods, then gradually shifted their focus on the night sky. Millions of stars lay scattered across the distant heavens, like fireflies in a garden. They stood far from the earth, not wanting our greedy, selfish hands to capture  them. They were free with no worries. Free from their imagination. Free from eternal torture. No ties, just there...alone, but yet not completely alone. 

     Tears began to fill my eyes, blurring my vision of the stars. The warm stream flowed down my face, over my lips and into my mouth, hot and salty like the first and numerous times. Why was I bound to a place where shadows and solitude seemed more of a companion than society? Where fear stood at my bedside and protection at my window? Yet no one has realised that you might be tired of life and just need to be held. Feeling unloved but loved. Where was my beloved St. Jude, guardian of the hopeless? Trying to get through one day seemed difficult, but fearing the future sickened me.

     Why couldn't I just grab my belongings and walk out the house unnoticed? Traveling endlessly like a misguided ghost. Running from mistakes with no roads to follow? Except my kind heart and observant eyes know better. To leave all those that I cared for would be the contrary of my person. Maybe waiting in my corner for someone who I can strongly rely on, to help me out, would be best. Whether, it be a friend or a stranger. As long as I know, that my child like mother, my father and all other worries, are taken care of. Then I should run with roads and directions in front of me. No longer  will I then be the misguided ghost I was. Only a free spirit dancing in the light breeze, whispering with the forest, and staying far from greedy, selfish hands with the firefly like stars.  

                                                         * * *

     I shut the window and pulled the curtains closed. Waiting would be the right thing to do, and waiting-like the patient person I am-shall be exactly what I will do, even if torture should harass me from its cage.

Copyright © 2010 Caasie Cabral-Pereira 

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