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Kristen's P.O.V.

Positive. It said positive. I twirled the white plastic in my hand, in shock. The grey plus symbol stared at me, as if we were enemies. Well, I guess we were. I'm not ready for a kid, I'm only 22 years old! Pursing my lips, I placed the pregnancy test on the counter. I turned the sink on, letting the water warm up before sticking my hands under it. I realized my hands were trembling and I tried to steady them, squirting soap out of the little container.

The soap foamed immediately as I rubbed my hands together. Looking at myself in the mirror I realized my skin tone was pale, well, paler than normal. I mean, whose wouldn't be? I was pregnant. I was frickin' pregnant. My brown waves fell in front of my face, though the tips were more blonde.

I jumped as a loud knock came from the door. "Kristen, you ok in there? You've been in there for almost half an hour." A soft voice called.

I blinked. I had been in here for half an hour? I shut off the water, noticing how pruny my fingers were. Soft indents littered the tips of my fingers as I dryed them on a nearby towel.

"Uhh... yeah..." I stammered, fumbling with the towel.

Scott hummed, but I heard his footsteps leave. I sighed, exasperated. I was pregnant. We were having a child.

Scotty's P.O.V.

"Ughhhh" Zane Hijazi groaned.

Zane had haired dyed a light pink, obviously trying to be Josh Dun. Just kidding. He had dyed for a youtube video we did, because we were youtubers. Not super popular ones, but we had a few play buttons, and they were hung all over the house. Zane was wearing a yellow sweatshirt with black jeans. I had known him for about four years, as we had met over Vine.

"What?" I asked, sitting down beside him on the couch, first having to move his legs to make a spot for me.

"I still can't find a roommate!" He put his hand to his head, covering his eyes.

"You know you can always live with us." I argued, though I knew what he would say.

"I can't do that. You already have you, Kristen, Todd, Corinna, and Matt here. Five people is already more than enough. You don't need six."

"What about Carly and Erin?" I asked, the two lived together in an apartment a few blocks away.

"Their apartment only has two bedrooms, I'm not sleeping on a couch for the rest of my life."

I rolled my eyes, "Well, good luck then."

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