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David's P.O.V.

Glee was on. I didn't really watch it, as I was on my phone, stalking people's instagrams. Heath tagged someone in a photo, click on their account, 'Zane Hijazi'. Check out their photos, they tagged someone else, 'Scotty Sire'. Click, tag, click, tag.

I muffled my laugh as I looked at the account I'd made it to. My own. I liked my recent post, commenting a series of, 'omg king' 'ahhh wow so cute' and 'my weave - it's gone' receiving plenty of confused replies from fans.

Putting my iPhone down and plugging it in, I returned my attention to the T.V., where Kurt, my all-time favourite character was singing. He was in the middle of 'Rose's Turn' when the show switched to some kind of news channel, showing Donald Trump.

Rolling my eyes I grabbed for the remote, trying to switch the channel to no avail. And that's when I started properly hearing what was being said.

"-listen, America. What's the point of sending people to jail - murderers, robbers, rapists - if we let illegal immigrants run free? These people don't belong in our country, these people are TERRORISTS. And Barack Obama, the deluded man he was, decided to keep them here, hurting the safety us Americans were protected with. This is why I've chosen to, as of this day, remove DACA. For once and for all. All immigrants without a green card will be removed from this country, sent to their homes, or Canada for all I care. Thank you."

The television switched back to Glee but I wasn't listening. A high-pitched ringing prevented me from hearing, except for the loud, clear beat from my heart. I was being deported. My phone buzzed from where it was plugged in, most likely urgent texts about the recent event.

I was being deported.

I was being deported.

I was being deported?

My skin was hot to the touch and the ringing calmed down. And I heard one sound from my front door.




Oooh pre sus
Hahah sorry for not updating !
I just haven't really been into this story, as I'm in the middle of two more (vlog squad group chats and je t'adore *check them out*)
But I will try !
See ya
*yells in polish out of room*

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