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me: leaves book for three months
people: lol wtf did you die
me: no i was writing other books
also me: x.x

Scotty's P.O.V.

"I'm going to be a dad."

The room was silent for a few minutes, Todd laughing awkwardly. "What?" he questioned.

"So much for keeping it a secret." Kristen muttered from behind me. "We're pregnant!"

Kristen's tone must have been much more believable as everyone started yelling, congratulating us. Carly and Erin were bouncing up and down, holding Kristen's hands. Zane and Todd both took turns slapping my back, talking about how much of a 'man' I was. Matt was in full out tears, his country accent and sniffles making him sound hilarious.

Kristen and Matt hugged, before she walked back over to me. "We have an appointment tomorrow." She smiled, slipping our hands together.

"For what?" I asked, my mind drawing a blank.

"For the baby." She laughed, "What else would it be for?" I laughed with her this time, I should really start knowing these things if i'm going to be a dad.

A dad.


Kristen's P.O.V.

"Is this too formal? Or too informal?" I asked, looking at my outfit in the mirror. I wore black ripped jeans matched with white Doc Martins. A yellow tee matched my yellow bracelets. Slipping on my glasses I turned to Scotty.

"You look fine." He said, not even glancing at me. I rolled my eyes, looking at what he was wearing.

He wore black jeans with a silver belt. Socks poked out from under his red converse, matching his hoodie.

"We look like we're straight out of high school." He laughed, looking at them both in the mirror. "Whatever. Maybe we have an elaborate backstory."

"We dropped out after the school denied our romance, getting pregnant as revenge?" I offered, and we both laughed.

"Throw in a few aliens and robots and you have yourself a pretty interesting novel." He grabbed car keys from the side table, throwing them into the air once before catching them.

"You ready?"

His gaze locked into mine, and I knew he was talking about more than just my outfit. Was I ready to spend my whole life with him? Raise a child with him? Be forever bound by blood?


annnnddddd there it is!
hope you enjoyed!
you may have noticed that the book isn't on hold anymore, i'll be updating (hopefully) every two weeks from now!
i might have to put it on hold again in june, when i have exams, but april and may expect updates every two weeks :)
*corpse walks out of room*

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